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  1. Really? What questions did I NOT aNSWER. You're just scared of backlash.
  2. Doesn't Vanguard have a treaty with VE? Why is the lord going behind VE's back trying to get info about them? Here are the messages from Lord of Vanguard Kingdom of the Truth is a nation led by King HM Solomon I and I. From: HM Solomon I Date: 09/25/2015 Friday 9:58 am A chance at a new life. I can arrange for those attacks to go away and provide you with a hefty allowance to build your nation. You don't have to trust me. I'm the only one that can help you, so whether or not you can trust me is entirely irrelevant. It only matters what I can do for you. From: HM Solomon I Date: 09/25/2015 Friday 10:11 am Unfortunately, the only way to end a blockade is for you to win a naval battle or for the war to end. The latter will happen once you've provided me with the info. From: HM Solomon I Date: 09/25/2015 Friday 10:12 am We're willing to invest substantially in your nation, all you have to do is provide us with what we need. After that, the world will be your oyster. From: HM Solomon I Date: 09/25/2015 Friday 10:33 am As we have deadlines to meet and necessary arrangements to make, the offer will be good for one day beginning now. After that, we cannot help you. It's your choice, choose wisely. From: HM Solomon I Date: 09/25/2015 Friday 10:43 am As soon as you provide us with the information, and not just some of it, all of it, we will arrange peace and then pay you $5m followed by the $2m per week as previously specified. Is that satisfactory? From: HM Solomon I Date: 09/25/2015 Friday 10:50 am Unfortunately, our information flow from VE is not what it used to be, hence this deal. Deals done, last message From: HM Solomon I Date: 09/25/2015 Friday 11:58 am Thank you for your cooperation.
  3. Thanks for accepting me, I hope we can stay on a positive note.
  4. When did I say I was selling their info? Not going to happen?
  5. What do you mean wait to go to war against VE, you mean when I have a strong military go after them alone? I don't think so those bastards are strong, I have to say...Lol or do you mean when a big war happens again against them, I attack their members one by one by myself? Or do you think I should get my alliance to join the attack?
  6. Not when you can't defend yourself.
  7. I want to say that I don't want to become a hit list on Orbis! AT ALL! So from now on I won't go after anybody, that I can't defend myself against. Because it seems like you guys take too much stuff seriously, no really... You guys get so butt hurt and I don't know if you're just playing or you're serious. And I don't want to respond wrong because you might attack me. If I call out one nation or alliance, all of you shouldn't attack. The issue between VE and I was just for entertainment, well that's what I thought. I guess I'm learning what not and what to do on PW. I have a new alliance now, so I'm laying low for a while. Sorry, I wish nothing but the best to VE and any other alliance. And also I'm sorry I caused all this. Cheers, President Chris!
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