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  1. President - erisxuka Prime Minister - Yeddy Gaming Deputy Director - OfficerVicious Head Of Internal Affairs - erisxuka Head Of Economic Affairs - Yeddy Gaming Head Of Foreign Affairs - Trap Enjoyer Minister Of Defense - Mudoru Welcome To The Rising Suns, Joining The Alliance is Simple, You Only Have To Apply In The Alliance Join Our Discord This Alliance Has Very Low Tax Rates Since We Believe You’re Money Is You’re Own And It’s For You To Decide What To Do With It! We Have Experienced Staff Team That Will Teach You How To Play The Game And Become A Powerful Nation! The Alliance Has A Business Letting Us To Have Low Taxes Alliance Link I I I V https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=10012 Discord Link I I I V https://discord.gg/ZrmZB3D63m
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