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  1. 16 hours ago, Kan0601 said:

    You guys really love to talk about how this is a temporary thing. So down the line, if Clock arms up again and hits another sphere that isn't HW or Ro$e, are you guys planning to sign another MDP so that we cant chain or something. Also, if you 2 go to war, does that mean we now need to sign MDP with other spheres? Also, how is signing someone who also has high infra deter people? It's like saying to a raider who has 700 infra; we will bring in our 3000 infra guy to counter you if you don't stop, his response would be sure I will nuke him and cause even more damage. Plus, you guys are the same group of people who came out publicly to shame Oasis Minc for their MDP. So now that it's for your own safety and own good, you have the right to do it, and if it's against your cause, we can't do it. 

    I can't seem to find anything relevant Aurora has done in the last 4 years of it's existence. The situation with Oasis - Minc was under very different circumstances and you know it. You just keep malding and coping because this whole treaty messed with your plans.

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  2. 7 hours ago, Alexander the Great said:

    The issue that I (and most of Aurora & friends) have seen, is game stagnation.  If everyone took this approach to spheres, there would virtually never be a GW—if this was in real life, that'd be wonderful—But this. Is not. Real life. This is a game. That exists. For war too. Not just politics.  If you think that it doesn't, then you are playing the wrong game.  It's not called "Politics & Diplomacy".  All of you people thinking that everyone who disagrees with your decision wants to randomly attack your precious pixels are delusional and paranoid in the highest, most extreme degree.  Whenever your best "arguments" against the main problem with the pact are simply personal attacks and insults, you show that you are not even capable of reasoning.

    Im sorry but... who asked?

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