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  1. Now accepting lotto ticket sales! Join the Liberty Bank & Trust discord channel for our weekly and monthly lotteries and win it big! Ticket Prices are listed on the AA page or in the Charter channel of the Discord server. YOU CAN WIN BIG! https://discord.gg/37j49bNTW9
  2. Oh okay, makes sense. Thanks for the help!
  3. It happened between 03:30 and 06:00. Is that still possible? Sorry, I'm still learning a lot about the game.
  4. Question. So, I'm pretty new to the game and I'm in my first war. I was raided by a guy with a strong navy but literally 0 of anything else. I made an air strike against him and had an immense triumph. Then, in a single turn, he spawned 95k soldiers and huge numbers of aircraft, tanks and ships. He only has 9 cities. I don't think that adds up, as I understand the builds. Am I missing something?
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