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  1. A New Step of a micro Alliance The I.A.S.A from the start if its launch had plans to grow up the community of the orbis. It had an original protectorate with the United Armies. Today with aurora protecting the United Armies, I.A.S.A steps into being a very much protected alliance. Today an official treaty of protection for 60 days has been agreed by the Waffle house and Int Aeronautical Space Alliance. With profit efforts the deal will be extended. Int Aeronautical Space Alliance Enters Extra Protection Phase. I Declare I.A.S.A is now protected by The United Armies and Waffle House Officially Signed By, Saif, On behalf of I.A.S.A Duncan Croford, On Behalf of Waffle House Sir Carlo, On Behalf of United Armies. IASA Treaty Sphere
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