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  1. Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=339579 Ruler Name: Modii Violation: Definitely has multiple accounts. Evidence of such violation includes, Evidence 1: Here we first see suspicious activity. Whom trades 1 coal for a million each, or as we later see, an aluminum for a million each (both which happened with the same person, Kins town). Evidence 2: We also see suspicious activity with wars. Earlier yesterday, I warred a nation known as Pakke because I like money (a common and normal raid). Kuch Nii, which was in fact not allied to anyone, and nor was pakke, immediately declared war on me afterwards with the reasoning of "Peace out with Pakke". I don't see any reason why anyone would do this, it definitely wasn't an alliance, and it was quite a quick response to the war. Evidence 3: Next I must just point out how the hell he has a month's worth of nation developed, within not even a day of having it. He also has a military loaded with tons of soldiers and tanks in that short time. Other Possibly Relevant Parts of The Story: After the war, a "friend of both nations" messaged me, requesting for a white-peace with no terms. I then mentioned the fact that my loss against Kuch Nii & my victory against Pakke would be still a net positive of money. We eventually would get into some debate, where he would change from the third person perspective as a third party, to explicitly saying "I have a plan for that" in response to an ultimatum. Changing explicitly from being a friend of both nations, to speaking as they are both nations, seems a bit of a contradiction. If you want proof to this, taking images of the conversation would take a lot of work, so please just message my discord (Olefante#5022) and ill screenshare it.
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