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  1. Really? You think it's fair to have to pay $10 whenever you want to have a leader change through an election? Credits have worked their way into many aspects of this game. why do they need to be here?
  2. No? I guess you're talking about the democracy is only for whoever can afford it thing, I wasn't trying to roleplay there. I think charging credits to change your leader's name is just stupid.
  3. I do not have a problem with charging credits to do certain things or with the VIP subscriptions or in general the things you have to pay for in P&W. Is it a little pay to win? Sure, but the game's gotta make money, I get it. Two credits to change your freaking leader name though? Are you actually kidding? I'm really not trying to insult Alex or anybody else with this post, but that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. And to dissuade any potential counters, I'm well aware that every nation gets one free name change and that you can trade for credits and pay in-game money instead of actual money. On the first point, are democratic nations with regular elections whose leaders should be changing on a fairly regular basis just out of luck? Is democracy only for people who can pay for it? On the second point, credits are still extremely expensive, especially for smaller nations. You want me to fork over $48 million in game cash every time an election happens? I guess democracy really is just for whoever can pay for it. This is ridiculous.
  4. I keep getting the same error when I try to post a bulletin. The error is: An unexpected error occurred when trying to publish your bulletin. Please try again. I haven't had a problem posting bulletins before, as I posted two in the last two days. Does anyone know how to fix this? I've even resorted to removing all instances of the word "kill" thinking it might be a profanity issue or something but that didn't work either lol. Also worth noting that I also tried doing this in a different browser and it still didn't work. I'll also try on a different device but I'd like to be able to post from my computer.
  5. I have a couple of gameplay improvements to suggest. The first is that tanks need a buff badly. Tanks should have tremendous utility in warfare, but as it stands you'd be better off commissioning a fleet of 100,000 paper airplanes to give enemy soldiers paper cuts than build a fleet of tanks since paper airplanes are far less expensive to manufacture. Tanks are incredibly fragile and not at all worth the cost, and I think they should get a buff. Right now the best way to go about warfare is to just max out your infantry, aircrafts, and navy and don't waste the infrastructure or steel on tanks. I also have a suggestion regarding limits on how many of a certain type of building you can put in a city. I understand and agree with limiting the number of a type of building you can have in a city, but this limit should increase as you buy land. I get that it's meant to incentivize building more cities, but there's no reason I should be able to have a city with 10,000 square miles of land and be limited to five freaking barracks.
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