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  1. CALRADIAN NEWS NETWORK Brutal clashes between law enforcement and civil rights groups such as Our Lives Matter leave seven dead, hundreds injured, and over 17,000 arrested. NOVA CONSTANTINOPLA - Brutal clashes overnight erupted between demonstrators from Our Lives Matter and Northern Calradian law enforcement agencies leave seven people dead, nearly 300 injured, and result in 17,000 arrests nationwide. A estimated $120 million worth of damage was caused by riots and looted businesses. The chaos erupted as a result of last week's death of Geoff Lloyd at the hands of Officer Eric Chaubin during a highly profiled incident caught on camera. Protests have been held nationwide, yet today's demonstrations took a different, more violent turn.' A nationwide curfew was established at 8:00 pm, requiring protesters to disperse by then. However, a sizeable group remained in the nation's cities, despising orders to disperse. Police began advancing to enclose the crowd, but this resulted only in making the crowd more hostile. The demonstrators began to loot businesses and attack police by throwing bricks and glass bottles. Police responded by firing tear gas into the crowd and dispersing the protesters. After tear gas came a barrage of rubber bullets in which many demonstrators were seriously injured. Police then advanced into the crowd, beating many protesters with sticks and seriously injuring then. One transgender man from Mountania, by the Jeffery Wilkinson, was reportedly beaten so severely he needed to be evacuated by helicopter to the hospital for severe injuries and broken bones. At about 11:45 pm, after a brutal assault by law enforcement, a demonstrator reportedly fired into the crowd, striking a store owner and killing him. Police responded by firing into the crowd, killing the shooter and five others while leaving dozens wounded. Demonstrators dispersed by 3:00 am. Human rights groups worldwide have swiftly condemned the violence in Northern Calradia, with some calling for an end to the nation's current government. Amnesty International spokeswoman T'quisha Markell stated, “We can not, under any circumstance, allow this atrocity to occur in any civilized nation. Protestors need to get more confrontational to demand that their voices heard. Justice for Geoff Lloyd." Law enforcement agencies refused to comment, but Our Lives Matter spokesman Anthony Davis states that, “demonstrations will continue until Eric Chaubin is prosecuted, systemic racism is dismantled, we have affirmative action, and we are a truly equal nation.” ________ Calradian News Network, reporting from Nova Constantinopla, Northern Calradia. April 30th, 2021. 3:43 pm.
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