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  1. @Alex Sure, I'm using a Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, updated to MIUI 12 based on Android 10 and updated to the 01/01/2021 security patch. Happy to help, I'm available if you need more information!
  2. Screenrecorder-2021-02-23-14-14-52-523.mp4 Hello, a few minutes ago I downloaded the new app for android and I immediately encountered a problem, first of all with the keyboard which, by clicking on the login textboxes, the app did not recall the virtual keyboard (the keyboard is the native android one, I do not use third-party keyboards) make typing impossible. The biggest problem I encountered, however, is the one concerning the closing of the app that every time blocks the manager of recent apps and seems to make it crash, having to restart the device to solve. The same thing happens when I try to lower the widget bar which leads to the same problem. I leave a short video of the problem in the attachments. (As you can see in the video I don't use the three navigation keys but I use gestures, I tried to switch and use the three keys, but the problem remains) I hope it can help the developer.
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