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  1. Alliance of the Year: Aurora
    Most Improved Alliance: Aurora / The Immortals
    Best New Merged Alliance: 
    Best Rookie Alliance: 
    Best Alliance for New Players: The Knights Radiant
    Most Likely to Succeed in 2023: 
    Most Likely to be Rolled in 2023:
    Most Honorable Alliance:
    Best Fighting Alliance:
    Worst Fighting Alliance:
    Best Alliance Growth:
    Best Foreign Affairs Team:
    Best Foreign Affairs Move:Celestial, HW break up (seemed good at the time)
    Worst Foreign Affairs Move: Syndicate ignoring MDP
    Alliance with Best Propaganda:
    Most Missed Alliance: Alpha (lol)
    Best Alliance Flag (please link):
    Best Holiday Flag (please link):
    Biggest Alliance Decline in 2022: OWR

  2. Most Influential Player: Keegoz (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=9144)
    Most Likely to Succeed in 2023: 
    Best Alliance Leader: 
    Worst Alliance Leader: 
    Best In-Character Poster: 
    Best Villain: Lorey / Spanky (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=146015https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=194382)
    Nicest Player: Cafe Beignet (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=65886)
    Most Controversial Player: CodenameV
    Most Missed Player: Rebel, always Rebel
    Best Nation Page: Cafe Beignet (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=65886)
    Best Fighter: Penpiko / Benzyne (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=294482https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=384035)
    Best High Government Member: 
    Most Online/Likely To Respond in 1 Minute: Decagon, Lorey (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=242466, https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=146015)
    Best War Criminal: Istandor / Taiga (https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=197669https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=194382)

  3. 1 hour ago, Isaac Lazarus said:

    Just noticed this too. Had been looking at the total food every day, puzzled at why the line wasn't falling.

    Noticed it about... 1-2 weeks ago, before I bought a ton of food, intentionally before others realized that there's less food than they believe

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  4. 8 hours ago, Buorhann said:

    If you were on 5/5 taxes, you can pay for your own rebuild, lol.  Between looting and extremely low taxes, damn.

    He hasn't mentioned CATA's secret econ- we have a "dark econ" that we tap into where no one pays anything, and I create anything we need out of thin air

  5. 20 minutes ago, Nergia said:

    Ah... 180 m > 225m, math.

    Here bud, I did some math since you are super certain that we ripped you off or something.
    You joined CATA on 11/06/2022
    We banned you on 11/16/2022

    Given the time of day, instead of being 10 days total, it's almost right on 9 days.
    When you first join an alliance, you can not be taxed for the first two days, so, we're now left with 7 days.

    During those 7 days, your nation generated: (In total, c18)
    $8,402,608.62 cash
    $44,065,576.8 rss's

    On 5/5 taxes, that TOTALS to:
    $420,130.43 cash
    $2,203,278.84 rss

    For a grand total of:
    $2,623,409.27 worth of taxes that we actually collected from you.

    So, take your 180m, 225m, anything over $2,623,409.27 "loss" and drop it already. You can't actually think this way, and I'm tired of pretending this is real lol.

    Edit: Actually, sure, if it'll make this lame attempt of trolling stop, I'll glaly send you your taxes back.

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  6. I, I can't keep interacting with this lol. We banned you, probably for the same reasons that your former AA's have apparently have as well. I regret we didn't listen to the tipoff we got regarding another AA's experience with you, but I would probably pass the same message on to those whom would consider taking you in. I can't really entertain this though, it's beyond what even makes sense in a funny way. Good luck mate

  7. 18 minutes ago, Nergia said:

    How many raiders do you have again? 10? 20? maybe even 30 members are in your alliance? That's already 6 billion in damages that YOU DO NOT PAY. Why are you justifying this? You got free damages to your enemies, while you don't pay a dime.

    We have essentially 0 raiders in CATA. Not sure if the 30 members in our alliance is referencing total members, or how many raiders we have, but both assumptions on my end into what you mean, would leave this as an incorrect answer. Again, where would I magically pull this money/resources for you, on 5/5, to go and fight from? Most of us are on far higher taxes, and that's given back via cities, projects, warchest, rebuild, etc. You can't basically opt out of paying taxes and then expect to... receive tax money from others?


    20 minutes ago, Nergia said:

    Please stop justifying about "contribution" because go pay for my damages and then talk about "contribution" No alliance in the game will just go to war and make their members lose 200m each, while dealing 300m AND PAY CRAP.

    I think you're missing the point that I've said- you didn't pay taxes, so where would I get this magical stuff that you're feeling you're entitled to?


    20 minutes ago, Nergia said:

    You're the only alliance that ISN'T A RAIDING ALLIANCE that does NOT PAY WAR REBUILDS. So we needa stop justifying anything. Like it's never your alliance's fault. We don't pay 5/5 just to get into your god damn wars and losing 200m when you can just NOT BE IN AN ALLIANCE and maybe lose 10-20m once in a little while.

    CATA is the only non raiding alliance that doesn't pay for rebuilds? Mate, I pay for far more than that, to those who pay taxes lol, I don't know what you're on about. You were the only person in our entire alliance that wanted to opt out of taxes. If what you're saying is accurate, I wonder how the other 90 some CATA members are handling this riveting


    23 minutes ago, Nergia said:

    Imagine losing against one alliance despite having TKR as your ally. It's sad that in a 1v3 situation, y'all managed to lose your goddamn wars against Eclipse. Finally fighting against bigger alliances huh?

    I'd imagine that you aren't sure who is even fighting to be honest, nor who this 1v3 is lol. Feel free to explain who all is fighting from your PoV.


    22 minutes ago, Nergia said:

    I think maybe you're misunderstanding what your alliance is? It's a predatory alliance that makes other alliances and steals money from members who are inactive for more than a day.

    Nope, I'm not misunderstanding anything. So, we're an alliance, that makes other alliances, and we steal from 1 day inactive members? 

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  8. Taxes aren’t a payment we hold for you, and a fully militarized c18 that joins CATA on 5/5 for 10 days, pays 8 days of that. You’re severely over estimating your “contribution” and viewing it as some volunteer thing. They’re taxes. No alliance in the game loses a member and digs up their tax records and returns that to them- at that point, how could an alliance do anything at all other than function as a bank? Idk why I’m continuing with this tbh, lol.

    I think maybe you're misunderstanding what kind of alliance we are? It seems as if you might believe we're some form of pirates or mercenaries? I'm being totally serious when I say this, but if I'm correct, that probably explains a lot

  9. 24 minutes ago, KingGhost said:

    If there was plans worked out and agreed upon on a bloc level T$ would have been in the blitz.

    The fact that T$ isn’t in the blitz means that T$ obviously said no.

    Cata is not stupid enough to initiate a blitz under the impression that T$ would join without confirming with T$. Cata initiated the blitz knowing T$ Wasn’t joining.


    The very basis of planning a blitz contradicts your claim because why tf would you ever, in CATA’s shoes, not coordinate (if it was agreed upon) with T$ on targets especially in high tier, just not how bloc warfare planning works.

    Not sure what you would like me to say unless it’s the answer you want to hear, so I’m just going to say that you said “I don’t really follow…correct me if I’m wrong.”

    The picture isn’t as small as it may seem, and I think individual points are being dissected without regard to the overall events which makes it not look like a story, but rather one specific sentence and how logic is applied solely to that one thing.

    The surrounding context of anything explains the singular event much better when you have to factor in FA, opinions, etc

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  10. 11 minutes ago, KingGhost said:

    And rn T$ is being blamed for not taking offensive action? Even though an alliance should be a partnership and it seemed that T$ didn’t want to while Cata did, surely T$ isn’t expected to be forced into a no CB war when Cata was already told no to the plan. (Defending Cata from eclipse is basically joining the No CB war/ Attempting to sanction it)

    I don’t believe anyone is blaming T$ for not acting in a similar fashion to CATA. We did so due to plans that were worked out at a bloc level, in Wayward, including CATA and T$. We acted in an attempt to preserve that plan in what we thought was the appropriate way. Also, there wasn’t some point where CATA was told no, or to stop, or really anything that I would’ve perceived as such

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  11. Only going to say that it’s hilarious you took this wildly incorrect and infactual view to the forums lol. A member (now former) of CATA for a whopping week and he knows the ins and outs at the top level, haha.


    And it is true. I don’t rebuild nations that pay 5/5

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  12. 23 hours ago, Viselli said:

    I left cataclysm because I knew t$ would be a bad ally. Had t$ in my dms telling me they had changed. lol

    You joined Paradise- also allied to t$

    Although I agree with you in hindsight, the irony is you sort of never left lol.

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