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  1. Current owner of solar system resources AKA SSR

  2. Welcome to The first post of solar system resources, AKA SSR. We are a business that works on flipping resources. If you need any resources feel free to drop by. We may even buy credits from you. During our business, we have noticed that not only do we have some shares remaining, but we also have possible job opportunities. These job opportunities can range from joining us in the flippings to getting us our money back. We will not just be able to flip resources normally, but with our current progress, it is quite probable that we will soon be able to start controlling the Orbis trade systems. Although people will still be able to buy from others regardless, we will be able to set a reasonable limit on pricing. Coming into the server and investing will help the company grow even faster. And we have the best funding options in Orbis other than shares! come check us out! Do you have resources to buy or sell? Come to Solar Resources the only resource trading company that is hotter then the sun! While you are there check out our investment opportunities and lottery. https://discord.gg/TmmWEkf(edited) YOU SENT AN INVITE TO JOIN A SERVER The Solar System resources 9 Online34 Members Joined April 3, 2020
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