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  1. I didn’t quit, i was given an opportunity I felt fit with our agenda. It was a mistake for sure but it was not me simply quiting.
  2. Cool I don’t think anyone wants me to make a separated post so here is my post Recognizing hostilities with Nokia and his allies
  3. Idk Modern i think surpassed me and Diomedes has beat me before even the first GPC was made.
  4. I merged did not disband. Regardless I believe you are all just pathetic at this point.
  5. You got your facts wrong. Drekz apologized for dropping Last Resort as the government weren’t aware of the agreements made. TMC was a total mess. The coup happened after Drekz was made leader and was only to fool LUX into believing it was real. The members did vote against the new names after Otto extended the vote because his messages weren’t consistent. Ye once I find it
  6. Global Regimes is a game I’m making smh
  7. sorry i agree with you, i'm dearly disappointing in Alex's lack of logistical thinking.
  8. I only flamed your leader lmao, was strange some of gov actually pointed out that some of my points were infact correct.
  9. Don’t give this guy a time of day. not that I have sympathy for Nazis, but cooper is some irrelevant guy from immortals who has no clue who I am. Not only do I dislike cobber a shitty Nazi but a Edgy troll is an overstatement. Everyone knows I’m actually a SJW Communist role player who works for the Russian Government. Not one of those Alt Right Fash who pride themselves in spreading hateful frogs. Cooper should be ignored by the left and left to rot in the pit of despair.
  10. Oh yeah before anyone points it out I am stuck in VM. Alex took 4 days to give me the alliance.
  11. The game has been seeing a lot of shitty bloated micros, none of those meme shitty micros we used to see. Well Alex handed me the keys to my land fill called Golden Phoenix Coalition. So its time to bring back an era. Today marks the official cancellation of the merge agreement placed by The Manhattan Cartel and Golden Phoenix Coalition. The decision was made after 3 main agreements were violated. The agreement was as following As agreed, MinesomeMC will be one of three leaders of the merged alliance. The other two will be of TMC. As well as government positions for GPC members will be decided during the merge. (TMC violation - all leaders were removed and replaced by Drekz after one of the other two leaders threw a fit) A new name will chosen to unite the two alliances. (No new name was chosen and TMC was remained) GPC's protectorate, the last resort, will be transferred to become a TMC protectorate (Last Resort was Dropped) As well as talking shit behind my back during my time, TMC basically pushed me out. So we will leave as they wish, with the reestablishing of the Fourth Golden Phoenix Coalition. The alliance is protected by Camelot and reinstall its MDoAP with Brotherhood of the Clouds. As apart of this re-installment of treaties. GPC recognizes a state of war between North Point, TMC, and affiliates in a call of action by Camelot and BoC. tl;dr - MinesomeMC returns with GPC and declares war on North Point and their subjects.
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