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Clubs are a new addition to the PW Community. If you're interested in making a club, simply navigate to the Clubs tab and start one. Moderation will approve or deny your club quickly. Remember, use common sense when building your club.

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G - For Everyone
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Very good question @Ukunaka Within clubs, the creator change members of that club to be moderators or leaders. The difference in these is as follows. Leaders - A leader can moderate content and manage members in the club, including making other members leaders. The creator of the club initially, is a leader Moderators - A moderator can moderate content only. They cannot make any structural changes to the group, nor make any other members leader or moderator. You can change a member to a leader or moderator, from the members tab within any club, as shown in the image below.
  3. So what exactly are the powers that Leaders & Moderators have? and what difference in powers do Owners & Leaders have?
  4. The idea for clubs are for members to kinda build their own audience and discuss what they want with the people that also like that specific topic. So, here are some more 'relaxed' rules for you all: (note, these rules are only for clubs) Inappropriate Imagery Porn/Nudes/Shock Images - common sense. If you're mom didn't want you looking at it as a kid, it shouldn't be here. Terrorism Groups If you support terrorists of any type, from any year/time, you're going to have a bad time. Don't do it. Nazi Groups Groups that represent nazis and support nazis will not be allowed. Feel free to talk about them in discussion, but we aren't about to make a new reich here on the PW forums. Hate Speech! There is a think line here, most opinions today are considered 'hate speech' - discussion is a discussion, but blatantly hating on a person or a group is gonna be against the rules. Best thing to do, make a closed club and select your audience. Common Sense If you're creating a club, you are auto-agreeing to the common sense rule. Keep it chill, don't do anything that would normally be considered wrong in the public or in front of jesus/santa/or whatever you consider to be held to high standards. Have Fun With it This is a new thing for the community, have fun and make it creative.
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