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Trials by Fire part 1

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Rebekah Mikaelson


[The sound of soldiers marching awakens residents on the outskirts of the capital city of Rome]

"Thump! Thump! Thump!"

[One boy looks through the window to see what is occurring]



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The soldiers are returning as quickly as possible to Rome as the General received a message via an eagle stating that Rome was besieged. They hasten forth.

When they arrive they find that the enemy has been repelled and have been chased back to Carthage. The City of Carthage has been a long time rival of Rome and this presented an opportunity for the Romans to wipe their rivals out completely. So they sent the army that just arrived to Annapolis so they could accompany the navy across the Mediterranean. 

The Carthaginians were not at war with Rome at the time, however they were providing safe haven for Rome's enemies. What's more s that the City of Carthage was near to the mountain that Achilles was left to be tormented on. 


Image result for ancient rome city burn


The roman army arrived in Africa one month later after fighting countless naval battles with both pirates and the Carthaginian fleet. By the time they  arrived, Carthage was well prepared for a siege. However Rome had no intentions of waiting t out, so they called upon their ally, the Atlas Empire, to assist them n battle. The Emperor responded by sending an army under the command of Apollo to crush the Carthaginians.

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Together, Rome and Atlas crushed Carthage once and for all and ended the Black Wars.

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During the battle, one of the soldiers heard a cry from a nearby hill and rushed to investigate. He found Achilles chained to a rock and slayed the eagle before setting Achilles free. Achilles thanked the man and sped off to find Athena, who was the only one who would truly help him.


Meanwhile the Romans together with their ally achieved a decisive victory over the Enemy.

Image result for carthage is destroyed


Since Carthage was in Africa, the Romans gave it to the Emperor as a sign of good will. The Emperor made Apollo ruler over Carthage and a subject to his Empire. 


Apollo spent the rest of that century away from Atlas, but always in its people's hearts.


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But this was only just the Beginning.


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A Easter egg for future parts. 



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