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For the Emperor! [part 1]



Previously in L.O.A. [Legends of Atlas].


[Arryha and Pyrrha were walking in the woods together after just meeting each other. They were using the few hours they had to do all the catching up they needed to do when a howl from a lone wolf in the distance halted them in their tracks. Pyrrha drew her bow and arrow and knelt down. Arryha turned her back to her sister and looked the other way. 

Another howl could be heard much closer, accompanied with more howls.

The two sister moved slowly backward until they were back to back. They were both prepared to fight.


Although he was seen as the champion of the weak and a great protector, Hercules' personal problems started literally at birth. Elaine sent two witches to prevent the birth, but they were tricked by one of Alcmena's servants and sent to another room. Elaine then sent serpents to kill him in his cradle, but Hercules strangled them both.


Aphrodite never liked the concept of covering up one's body right from the start and would only clothe herself if she was to be receiving a visitor. She rather preferred to be half naked or fully so, especially around her husband.  She had guardians appointed to her called 'Cupids' but they rarely needed to guard her against much danger as no man was cruel enough to seek out to hurt such a beautiful being. As such her true guards were the soldiers posted outside her  rooms door which were spelled by her niece Athena so they wouldn't fall in love with her. 



Perseus was already rounding everyone up with a makeshift army from across the sea when Dionysus asked a destined question “Is there anywhere I can hide?” the rather naughty priestess accompanying him in purple toga whispered of a ship whom they wouldn’t dare hinder. It was there he slept, the priestess a few party goers and his cupbearer [The ex-messenger] keeping him company.

Thus Dionysus went on a wine encouraged voyage and to his brother’s dismay he’d participate in a war.



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Atlas, a city of wonders, pleasures, riches and might. A city with impregnable walls, gates and civil rights. It is home to every living being that acknowledges the rule of the Titans. Titans they said once upon a time. Now, who are Titans? What are Titans? Where are the Titans if ever they existed?

Well, the answer is simple. Look in the palace, in the centre of the world's most thriving region and you will find them. For they really do rule the world!

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For the Emperor!

June 944 BT [same as B.C.]

The city is silent. Though the city stretches from the steps of present day China to the shores of the Mediterranean, all is quiet with the only sounds coming from the rushing of feet. The sounds of war. Just thinking about that day makes my blood run cold. It is the day that the creatures of the underworld attacked. 

It all started as a normal week. At least, that's how it is remembered. The night's watch had just finished their shifts when a horn was heard. I was at the West Gate that day, the one facing Egypt and Rome. We had known that the people in these regions were overthrown by some foreign force but as we were further east we never had any reason to get involved.  Or so we thought. A guardsman from our border with Egypt came as if with the wind. He had the look of one who had stared death in its face and lived to tell the tale. The gates opened to let him in and slammed shut as soon as he was within the city. He only gave us a brief explanation before speeding off on his horse towards the palace. The little he provided us with however was more than enough. The city guards immediately began blowing the war horns. All over the city, war beacons lit up to alert the entire region that war was coming. 

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As the reality of the situation struck the humans, they began to panic. The nights guard had to be recalled into active duty to begin patrolling the city and ensuring everyone stayed in doors. The First Army [1st] marched through the west gate as the day came to an end with Pyrrha and Dobby at its head. Pyrrha's Elite Guard could also be seen marching with the group. With one Titan gone, the rest were left with ensuring the continuation of Atlas. 

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Our allies, the roman saw the lit beacons and sent a legion to aid us even though they were fighting a war themselves. The legion spent a night at the West Gate before marching off to meet up with the First Army. I was sent with them.



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