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The Daily Liberty - 1st Issue



The Daily Liberty

Official International News Paper from the Land of Hope and Glory

Issue I - Vol. I



Government removes Wartime Status. Martial Law and Military Government lifted.


Libersburg, Liber - Crowds jeer at the Libersburg central square in celebration of the end of Wartime Heavy Accommodation Time (W.H.A.T.), which was imposed a week ago by the government. At the start of the Orbis War, pressure on Liber to create a bigger standing military was rising. After its exit from the Uranicus Socialitas sphere, the nation was relieved from its duty to be a belligerent in the war. Although not seeing wartime action, the country was drastically changed by the new standards of W.H.A.T. which included the removal of industries and farms to accommodate more military space. Yesterday, from Phintopia, HM Emperor Lascray declared the lifting of W.H.A.T. and the restoration of pre-war conditions, which includes the removal of rationing, martial law, curfews and nightly black outs.

Government plans for a Nuclear Program.


At the wake of the Orbis War, nuclear bombs were rapidly shot at different countries. The government announced this morning that the country is planning to undertake on a nuclear research program at a cost of $50,000,000. Officials are already making contacts to foreign countries and nuclear powers to ask help
in this undertaking. The estimated time to construct a nuclear facility is within a month. This was also caused by increasing pressure by the
administration to improve the military capability of the country.


Liber Freedom Eagles smash down the Lantean Football Team, 3-2, in FOFA World Cup


"If you have to lose at some point, might as well be to the fourth-best team in the world." -
FOFA Chairman, Nicklas. Liber Freedom Eagles (LiFE) had proved once more their football strength this morning in the 1st FOFA World Cup. The score was closed to 3-2. HM the Emperor was watching since day one, and boasted proudly: "This team is worth the watch, I can't wait to see their performance for the final rounds of the game." LiFE is to fight Norma Jean's Arrgh Football team tomorrow at Phintopia.

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