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Are Iron Domes a Good Game Mechanic?

The Iron Dome is a simple national project that gives your nation a flat 50% chance at blocking missiles fired at it. This coin flip of randomness can be depressingly infuriating when your Iron Dome fails to block 7 missiles in a row, or sadistically satisfying when you manage to land 8 out of 9 of your missiles. I witnessed both of these situations during the most recent global war, and neither of them feel like a fulfilling experience to me.   Statistically, the Iron Dome can be reworded as

Stagger Lee

Stagger Lee


Understanding War Naming Conventions

The discussion for what to name the current conflict was posted nearly immediately following the war's inception. While most realized that it was far too early to determine an accurate name of a hardly finished war, I believe that it would be good to begin a dialogue on war naming conventions, and give general talking points or thoughts on the process. After all, this is near the beginning of a game that most of us hope has a long future ahead of it, and this will almost certainly not be the l

Stagger Lee

Stagger Lee

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