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[Computer Generated Fan Fic] Shifty Tames Strange

Guest San Fortunado

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Guest San Fortunado

Shifty looked at Kitschie, finally glad she came to LA. He was hoping he could finally get his cherry popped. He had a hunch that this was it, the chance to be recognized as a great actor. He also had a hunch that the girls wanted him too. He wasn't looking to just be an actor anymore. He was starting to see himself in a new light, as a serious man who was in love with his girlfriend. He needed to let his inner man out. He also needed to tell her. So he gave her his number.

Kitschie said she had been talking to her mom about this for a while. She asked him why she didn't just go out with him after college.

Kitschie said it was all because of his grades. She said she wasn't the most popular kid, and didn't have a ton of friends.

She said he had a good heart and he was a nice guy, but there were other kids that made her want to go out with him. She said she wasn't into being with the popular kids. She said she wasn't the type of girl that just wanted the attention. She said Shifty wasn't interested in that. She said they would hang out with friends of friends and have parties and things like that. She said they weren't the most popular kids and the most popular ones weren't interested in her. She said that Shifty was one of the most popular kids. She said she didn't have anyone like that for a boyfriend so it was really hard to date him.

Shifty sighed and said, “At least we are together.” "What?" she said. "Don't lie." Shifty said. "I don't have anyone. I don't like that I'm lonely. It sucks, I don't know what to do with my life." "Don't get upset." Kitschie said. "You're a good kid." He said. "I'll tell you what." I said. "If you want to see what love really is then you need to let me touch you. It's going to be fun." She was a bit surprised. "I don't know..." "Just because you want something doesn't mean you have to be afraid of it." Shifty said. She just nodded. Shifty leaned in and kissed her. It was soft but very passionate. Her body was still, and her mind was still.

Shifty was going to finally embrace a woman. "Stop," she finally said. "Don't be rude."

He turned his back on her. "We're done here," he said. "Thanks again, I'll see you later."

She ran out the door. He could barely see her go, and when he did, she was already gone. His heart was racing. She must have called out to him. He had to go after her. He had to know what the hell was going on.

It was dark outside. There were no moonlight glints, no stars in the sky. Everything was pitch black. The forest looked a lot more deserted, even though the moon was almost out. He sat there for a long time, staring at the forest around him.

He didn't know what he was going to do. He didn't know what he had to do. He didn't know what he should do. But he had to find her.

To be continued, maybe...

Few edits with a few prompts, more than 95% of this is computer generated. Hope you cringed!

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Guest San Fortunado

...But he had to find her. He just wish it wasn't in these woods. She can see Shifty now, in the dim light of the moon as he moves through the undergrowth. The branches scrape his bare feet as he slips and slides down, making a few steps a second before taking a breath. It's not like the moonlight, but Kitschie can see it in his eyes, as he walks. A kind of hunger, a hunger for the night. He doesn't know what's wrong. Shifty doesn't know what it's like to see the stars, but he knows it must be better.

Kitschie walks for a while, not noticing anything out of the ordinary. Just walking. But as he starts moving in the direction of the trees, she can see a shadow move in the distance, a man's silhouette.

Could the legends of the Slender Man be true? Kitschie chastized herself for that thought but worried about Shifty.  Shifty was an expert tracker, but it would be dangerous to put Kitschie in such a dangerous situation. If Kitschie were to make a mistake, he would be blamed.

"Okay, we're ready. Let's go." Shifty said calmly. 

"What?!" Kitschie screeched. She jumped up, her heart pounding in her chest. Shifty followed suit, running with all his strength. As Kitschie and Shifty ran back to the house, the Slender Man attacked.

The first attack was a punch that hit Kitschie in the stomach. The attack wasn't even a direct attack but was rather a series of rapid strikes. The punches sent Kitschie flying and she couldn't even move. 

Shifty had to jump up and block the Slender Man from attacking Kitschie further. The Shifty's legs had grown much stronger since his encounter with the Slender Man.

As soon as Kitschie was able to block the Slender Man's attacks, the figure suddenly started moving towards him. The Slender Man turned around and started looking around in the distance as if it was looking for something. Kitschie felt that something was wrong and they immediately started running to their respective cars.

When Shifty got into the car, he immediately drove towards his house and got inside. When Kitschie was about to start the car, Shifty heard some strange noises.

"Ah… Ahh…" Kitschie cried.

Kitschie's body started shaking. The Slender Man was slowly approaching Kitschie, who was standing still. When he saw the Slender Man approaching, Kitschie ran towards him.

"Kitschie!" Shifty screamed.

As soon as Kitschie reached the Slender Man, he started running. However, the Slender Man wasn't running from her, he was running from some weird German kid named Minesome who made more micros than Sean Anthony.

Kitschie knew she had to take the fight to Slender Man before he could get too far. She sprinted away from Shifty's house, hoping to outrun the Slender Man as fast as possible. However, she was still running through the woods. The Slender Man caught up to her at just as she passed a lake. He was so close that he could smell her. He turned around, and started to growl at her. He didn't care about being detected.


Minesome screamed for Kitschie to look out. Shifty, fearing for them, came outside with a shotgun ready to kill Slender Man. Kitschie and Slender Man had a standoff for about five minutes before Kitschie shot him, killing him. The police arrived at the scene and took both Kitschie and Shifty into custody.

Shifty is currently in a local mental institution. Kitschie will likely spend his life in jail or as a habitual offender. It has been reported that the former had been trying to sell drugs, but was now going to get rid of them. If this is true, Kitschie is either mentally ill or is a sociopathic killer who hates her victims. If this is the latter, then Slender Man is a victim of his own work.

Shifty is now being held without bond in jail in Woodbury, Minnesota. He is facing charges of attempted first-degree murder, assault, and battery.

The End?

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