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The Emperor sat quietly at his forest Vila and drank his morning tea, it was a quiet summer morning in North Eastern China. as he sat, he could hear his advisers and Generals squabbling about the situation down south, where his son had given away his location, and had started a treason ridden campaign of anti-dragonistic decisions, he didn't care though, his sun was rebellious and always against anyone who did anything to him. He new that they needed to build up there military if they wanted to stop the situation, but that would happen slowly. just then, his chairman of Space Exploration abruptly ran into his room . ¨Emperor¨ he said in a panic, ¨you need to see this.¨  


37 miles above the earth, a small exploration craft zooms toward earth on a mission to establish a mining colony on the primitive planet known as ¨earth¨. The Ship, a mark 7 Expedition class landing craft, had been sent to the plant by orders from general Magustus Cort, a high ranking official within the company. this ship wasn't Dragonisian,  or Mogorian, it came from Ross 248, 10 light years away, and was sent by VoidTech. 

VoidTech was a interplanetary company that was known for Military weapons and mining. they where small compared to the beast that was Mog(Corp), But were still armed to the teeth. There MOCOVA program had allowed them to send massive quadrupedal Mechs to all of there colony's, and earth would be the same. Earth had a lot of raw materials that VoidTech needed to keep there war machine going, But they needed allies. they had decided to set up a Fort in Central China, to get the oil and gas reserves that where there, but they had to be smart about it. They couldn't just invade a random country, they had to do this diplomatically.

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