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*READ BEFORE POSTING* - Tech Support Rules

Thor (Former Moderator)

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Tech Support Forum Rules




2. Proper Posting Etiquette.


When creating a thread


  • Thread titles should be a brief description of the thread topic. Moderation has the right to alter thread titles that do not follow this rule.
  • Opening posts/reports should follow this format:

What were you doing (or trying to do):

What happened (describe thoroughly please):

Link to page:

Any other relevant information:


Screenshot: (if available)


When replying to a post

  • Unless you are posting specific evidence as it relates to the technical support report or providing positive feedback and/or assistance on the report DO NOT post in a technical support thread.
  • Posts that are intended to disrupt a discussion rather than actually contribute to it will be considered trolling/derailing and will result in disciplinary actions.
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