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  1. Casual people don't have to invest heavily in the projects required to get the colony to begin with, that's why it's optional to the people who choose to partake in it. Not everyone will be involved in this secondary game, it's exclusive. The people who choose to farm will continue to farm, but the people who liked the active raiding style on Orbis in the lower tiers but don't find much luck in the higher tiers are strapped for things to do; thus everyone becomes a casual by the end game. Thus is why I suggested completely different mechanics. If Planet X is going to solve the issues that Orbis has it needs to do it organically, in a way that the game mechanics support it integrally. That's why a dynamic shift in the way the game is actually played as a whole is necessary. Wack isn't the way to describe the potential for various changes, when presented with the idea of a potential side-by-side planet, there's no reason to have it be essentially the same; if you want that just play on the test server
  2. Orbis has a long and drawn out history. With the introduction of the new space program related projects, it brings forth in the mind the potential for colonisation. The idea goes that those with the right space-related projects, one can develop a new colonial country on a second planet, let's call it Planet X. Fulfilling much of what the test server does now, but with real ingame benefits, the Planet X colonisation project can act as a staging ground for new and exciting mechanics that otherwise would not see the light of day under the present Orbis way of gameplay. I think of this in the same way that the Builder Base functions in Clash of Clans, a secondary, smaller yet distinctly different game that can act as a sequel to PnW. Some suggestions for how the two can interact: There are no alliances on Planet X, or, colonies on Planet X can be run collectively by an Orbis alliance Colonies on Planet X have special projects that can lend passive buffs to an Orbis nation, increasing specialisation and intranational diversification Completely different war mechanics, such as a 1v1 system of fighting with a single 'active war' slot that combines offensive and defensive, where players make their best attacks and win money and resources within the space of, say, 8 hours (would have to be an opt-in process), preventing the slow and time consuming farming gameplay of regular Orbis PnW. Could call them 'skirmishes' Resource production and management styled in a distinct way, where one can 'offshore' money and resources back to Orbis but it is one-way. It does not come back to Planet X There are plenty of distinct, new and exciting ways to play PnW that could require people to continue actively playing the game after they reach the city count plateau where, if one is in a farming alliance, there is no reason to continue logging in each day aside for some small bonuses or the occasional war. With a different game mode that promotes active gameplay, like another planet entirely, the problem of inactivity for larger nations may be solved.
  3. Britannian Rookie mistake
  4. i can't believe it's not butter

  5. I did this to gain your favour The only thing TCW sponsors is the procurement of elephants and the baking of bread
  6. you ever think about how planes fly? Like they're really heavy and they don't even have hollow bones

  7. - yeah I did but that didn't stop me Such a shame I won't get the chance to flatter her again ?
  8. Pizza time ?

  9. I presented something like this earlier for when Arrgh! was thinking of ideas to revitalise. Removing the cap on updeclares and infinite offensive slots was my idea, and if you're worried about balancing such a thing then you could combine the two in a project: You can now declare war on as many people as you like as long as 3 are within the classic war range, all other wars must be above 75% of your own score. Making it a project is good too since you know, there haven't been new projects in forever and a day
  10. The case against who, you? As far as we're concerned, any member in any alliance is fair game for recruitment and by trying to use 'poaching' as the way to get community backing is possibly the weakest route you could go through. The members we wanted with us we had a prior history with, so it is not unfounded either. Regardless, look to the people who rejected our advances as your best members. But yes, if you can't join 'em, beat 'em.
  11. The whole debacle over offensive content and subsequent perceived victimisation is a joke. What's more of a joke is laws preventing such offensive material, as if saying something that someone doesn't like is a crime. Not sure if lawmakers are trying to create a heaven by putting people through hell here. Take this for example - https://imgur.com/a/TIlrHBx In this, English courts try to bully an American company into complying with the thought police to no avail, and the true roast comes right at the end. "Being offended does not make you a victim, it makes you a pathetic person". How pathetic are these people that they have codified their weakness into law. Being discriminated against is another thing entirely, but how rare are examples of being truly discriminated against? Modernity has dictated a sort of reverse discrimination, there are quotas to have certain demographics represented in work despite not having the qualities required. Are these not counterproductive in the fight against discrimination, now that you are discriminating against those who are willing and able? Don't get me wrong - I believe in discrimination for sure, but there is a way to do it justly and unjustly so that victims may only be victims of their own shortcomings. Quite honestly, calling yourself a victim and espousing it just seems to me to be proud of weakness. A true victim is often so ashamed they can't speak of what they are a victim of, but these people are quite happy to announce the very things that should shame them.
  12. A healthy woman, in mind and spirit, would never subject herself to objectification regardless of monetary incentives, or if it is physical or visual. It is evident that both the modern left and right have no vested interest in staying at all moral. Both sides say "if a woman wants to sell her body, she may", for capitalism prides capital above all and communism prides 'liberation'. The freedom to do something stupid is a freedom to be sure, but it is never correct. A man or woman should not regard their profession as nothing more than looking attractive. That is no profession at all as it adds nothing to society as a whole. Giving a man a chub over a pair of titties in a department store or a victoria secret runway is both a disgusting aspect of marketing, preying on the base desires of men for sex. It is equally disgusting that such weak men can fall for such tactics. Beauty is a value to cherish, not to sell or sexualise. Aye, women love attention (and so do men) but sacrificing moral integrity for the admiration of strangers is nothing short of despicable. As for the excuse of using modeling agencies to sell a clothing or makeup product, it is really a false one. If a piece of clothing looks good, it has no need for ulterior advertising in the form of modeling. If something looks good then it looks good. Makeup is a bit more iffy since you can't really display its intended effect without a human canvas, but makeup rarely uses sexualisation in its 'objectification'. Well, unless you use blush and red lipstick or something, that is very sexual, but anyway omg so lewd
  13. I have yet to see how America has profited at all out of being Israel's lackey. As far as I'm concerned, it's dead Americans fighting Israel's wars. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lt47llMalmc
  14. Jim Acosta: Why hasn’t the President commented on the recent — West: Imma let you finish but yo, Jim, you need to shut the f*** up. You’re operating on an outdated consciousness, we’re transcending the past, Truth is my gym. Next question.
  15. He said in plain English "join the corresponding order, and the daughters of Isabella is the female subsidiary of the Knights of Columbus, and if you bothered to check then you'd know. Knights of Columbus is a member of the International Alliance of Catholic Knights, Daughters of Isabella is the KofC subsidiary. I'm not sure how you can confuse this.
  16. http://www.daughtersofisabella.org/ but yeah cry harder
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