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  1. Well that's the super short TLDR there for you folks...
  2. Mystery Inc. had every intention to respect the decision of a fellow leader who was within his treaty rights to invoke the 72-hour clause and not widely publicize the events that happened to reduce unnecessary drama, however, after the heinous lies spread by Epi about the bloc, we feel there is no choice but to respond to these allegations. These disturbing allegations made by Epi are clearly unfounded and the words of an upset individual who, based on the removal of his former leadership team, either did not have their support or that he felt they would not support his decision and forced them to leave. While it is accurate there was some concern regarding his return to power to which some mildly inappropriate jokes were made, it is beyond a reasonable doubt that should have this conversation to which Epi refers to be as sinister. If it was as he portrays it to be, then it would have likely been conducted in a private dm group instead of on a government channel of the bloc’s server which members of Camelot were present. We also call on him to provide evidence backing that there were secret commands in discord bots giving access to government channels. Further, it should be noted that if he was worried about bots having access to the government channels, then he should not have added the bot to the server or given it the permissions. He has accused Mystery Inc. leadership of being the source of a leak and ordering his fellow leaders to fix it. However, after further investigation, the leak came from within his own foreign affairs server and not from the leadership server. In his final voice call with the bloc leadership before his disgraceful withdrawal from Mystery Inc., he accused all of his fellow leaders of being unwilling to defend Camelot while as a member of Mystery Inc. to which all bloc leaders vocally rejected as it goes against the very nature of the function of a bloc. It should also be known that, as of the posting of this announcement, GATO is not a voting member of this bloc, so it should be a relief to Epi to know we are following the treaty. In reference to the bloc representing Camelot in FA affairs, this bloc, like every bloc, has the right to conduct its own diplomacy with other blocs and alliances in its server. Camelot, like every alliance, has the right to have other embassies with other alliances outside of the bloc in its server. No discussion with CATA was had with the intent to “ruin” their relations with Camelot. Furthermore, his complaint to being forced to represent an opinion of the bloc that he does not share shows how he responds when the democratic system of the bloc doesn’t bend the knee to autocratic orders. It should also be known that Epi deleted all messages that he wrote within the MInc leadership server as well thereby obstructing Mystery Inc. in any investigation of this allegation. While there has been hostility between Mystery Inc. and Epi, we reaffirm that the problems we are addressing are towards Epi and not towards the current membership of Camelot at-large and wish them well. Signed, Mystery Inc. -- TLDR: Epi has misrepresented, over-exaggerated, and/or fabricated all allegations of the misconduct by Mystery Inc. and we call on him to deliver with his significant claims some significant evidence to back it up as it is currently just baseless slander from a man who cannot hold the confidence of his high gov or possess any trust in his high gov to serve the alliance loyally as they have shown through holding that honor of being in high gov. Further, Mystery Inc. only regards these complaints as applying to Epi and not towards the alliance at-large to which it continues to maintain goodwill towards.
  3. Don't let any Knights Templar catch you on this religious crusade...else you might have a Christian civil war on your hands...
  4. Well looks like this is going quite well for the society of the luna-tics...
  5. Absolutely. It is a tough age for them as they are exploring and have big changes going on, so it is expected they may act out violently and irrationally as they explore the beginnings of joining the mature nation world.
  6. Big talk for two city 12 nations. Mess with IRON or any of our protectorates. Let's see what happens.
  7. The important question though is can we keep this streak up until end of NAP?
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