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  2. Hello!!! I would like to invite you to join the Enterprise Corporation ! We are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Syndicate Corporation that serves to recruit and train members that will one day be granted membership to t$. The Syndicate Corporation is one of the oldest and most prominent alliances in the history of Politics and War. We offer you benefits that you won't find anywhere else, to include: - First 12 cities completely paid for - 3 Project completely paid for - Expert guides covering all aspects of the game to ensure you become a master - Absolute raid protection, we act with the full force of the Syndicate Anti-Raid Team - A chance to join The Syndicate upon graduation If you are interested in joining, make sure that you apply in-game at: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4829 and also join our Discord server in order to begin the application process: https://discord.gg/vt4aQfV We look forward to hearing from you. - MDL, Associate, The $yndicate.
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  4. you mean the 50 people you see on discord every day? even half of them have negative net damage. what about other KERCHTOGG members? Dude stop this hallucinations that you guys still do something positive!. I've looted more than 300m in 10days from you guys. I love this war
  5. Grumpy is for degenerates anyways. I love Camelot. Camelot is my home. I’m not lost because Arthur and Epi have guided me, I have found the lord, with help from my peers and elders.
  6. Then why not sign a MDP at that point?
  7. It's up to you whether you trust us or not. Horsemen wrote a dramatic essay and Raoul frequently has embellished stuff for literary purposes in his previous RP posts. It was sorted out in private that they weren't lied to and we didn't want to air the dirty laundry out here. As for the Syndicate thing, there were differences in interpretation of the extent of our commitment to their document. There was even disagreement whether it would be binding on HS/NPO. For Sisyphus it was a big deal to uphold it as he saw his reputation as being on the line and that he had put his and tS' credibility into it, so I could understand why he/they felt that way, but it wasn't as a cut and dry to us in terms of its binding nature and there is the saying "The constitution isn't a suicide pact." I at no point swore off expanding if the circumstances necessitated expanding and it was brought up in-depth that we would do it and why. I don't really know what you think lying entails but lying for me is saying something false intentionally, which wasn't done in those cases.
  8. Difference in our two "threats". One became public knowledge by a leak that was admitted and backed up by quite a few moments of suspicious activity (That was also posted in that thread), yours is... your "word"? The "word" that Horsemen and Syndicate govs both stated was shit. Horsemen said you lied to them, Syndicate said you didn't uphold the agreement your respective alliances had. And that's just the beginning of this conflict. Again, why would anyone trust NPO?
  9. And who's fault is it really you couldn't retain your own members? It's like if another employer offered me better pay and a higher position doing the same work than my current job, it would be dumb of me not to take that opportunity. Poaching lol, so dumb.
  10. @Alex It works with Ground Attacks too And I might have broken the resistance system while at it. Oh and they also took out more than 20(He was at 22 resistance I think) resistance And I am pretty sure this exploit works on nukes and missiles too. I am suspecting it will also work while trying to buy units(Someone said they were able to buy 600+ units during the laggy updates on a double buy when they should have been able to buy less than that) Tl;DR- It looks like the Resource Duplication Exploit but this time it can duplicate everything on the game.
  11. Either way, attempting to correlate historical warfare to P&W gameplay is doomed to inaccuracy regardless. Unless someone can point to a historical situation in which complete tactical defeat was consistently something to strive for rather than avoid, there's a hard limit to the relevancy of any historical metaphor.
  12. It took some doing, but when Yarr stepped into the war, things quickly came to an end. Given our senselees slaughter, I ask that the above sentence be included in any history/epic about this conflict.
  13. We're the ones receiving the reps, lol Quite the shift in rhetoric there
  14. The Text Wall is a sacred art. It allows ample space to make any and all points, close up all logic, slot in sick burns, and ultimately crush your opponents resolve with the mere weight of the damned thing.
  15. Yeah fortunately for many, I don't need a text wall to make great points.
  16. Well, this is only slightly misleading.... Is this what you folks are telling people? Pretty sure we couldn't have rejected anything officially since "[y]our side simply want [sic] enter any talks unless they are conducted separately from each other" and we're not separate peacing. You're not asking us to accept a "simple defeat", you have several stupid terms that you've shared from your still unfinalized list and you're trying to separate us so you can try and force said terms on each of us. But even if you were offering a "simple defeat", why would we accept that when we don't think we've lost?
  17. @SkaePlease stop talking. My running bit with Deulos is that he's a clueless fool who never knows what he's talking about, and somehow you've managed to make this guy talk sense. It's just not right. "Overextending" how so? You, do realize that they only initially attacked the alliances directly implicated against them, right? Who then responded by throwing everyone capable of hitting a declare war button at them, and did so in such a manner that every alliance which entered got massacred alone as, all others involved in the war were already dead. Furthermore, your troubles lasted longer than a week. It wasn't until week two, which given beige holding means 1 round = 5 days, means it took until round 3 with an extra side of NPO dying on the cross for you to even begin clawing back. That doesn't sound like near defeat for you, that sounds like utter annihilation. An even more important fact considering the utility of how NPO went about comitting its suicide and that a wall of 80+ city 20s was required for you to actually take control of that area. It's fine and all to talk about how one feels they've taken victory, but at least try and get it right. Your side absolutely failed on an astronomically pathetic level that without the mentioned shifts above would have been the death of you. BK only took my alliance down after NPO entered because that was the distraction required for them to get the planes to do so. You were so screwed you couldn't even kill a 20 person micro, and neither could your hordes of protectorates for that matter. Now, stop being so ungrateful and thank the generous Lord Roquentin for all that you have. He doesn't work for the kindness of his heart yanno. EDIT: As a final note, sketchy has a sheet somehwhere of it, but you guys have lost faaaarrr more in members and activity. OFA was 70 people down the drain, Electric Space is another... 35? 40? This not including the vast numbers from alliances like BK and NPO, who retain the novel ability to mask it by always bringing in new people.
  18. Should I feel attacked? Cuz I feel attacked? Yeah beige doesn't matter if you have no infra or means of production. 600k a day won't help recover millions in losses. But nice try though.
  19. Do you now? With your infra level and military, i'm gonna wager you're rocking 1.2m/day or less. 1.2 being a very generous high end. I'm running at about 250k/day, and a typical raid pulls in about 3-5m, x5 every 2 days, means i'm far outclassing you. I haven't declared any in a while, you'll say. And that's true. Because about 5-6 days ago some utter mastermind countered me, went inactive, and handed me something like a 45m value bank loot. So on average that leaves you at, at best... 9m a week? While i'm clocking as high as 60+? Yanno at the start of this war all my cities were 3.5k land. Almost all of them are at 4k now, and that's not including unit buys, warchest loot, and infra rebuild for double buys. This is also not including that i'm actually a pretty mediocre raider, and there are many who pull off far better.
  20. WRONG! If I ever started an alliance I would never cozy up to an alliance known for airing out its Protecterates as (very yummy) bait in a war. That's not weathering a storm that kissing ass.
  21. Although i would say that IQ has slightly better beige discipline in this war than past wars, nah, the biggest single contributing factor of winning 0ing planes was simply superior numbers.
  22. "And it will always happen that who is not your friend will request your neutrality and who is your friend will ask you to declare yourself. " I do not see how obligations from protectorates are a bad thing. If your premise is true. Those that weather the storm will gain valueable allies and respect in exchange for their pixels. Both are worth the cost imo.
  23. Greatly outnumbering your opponent will inevitably result in them being 0'd out. A brain dead three legged chihuahua can login once a day, buy planes, randomly declare on people and constantly airstrike. A skilled and coordinated group would coordinate properly to efficiently take down their opponents to maximize damage, and minimize losses. Problem with not building a decent ground/navy, your opponent is very likely to stash their loot away before you can blockade/beige them. Although, if ground/navy was built, brain dead zombie hoard plane-buying and updeclaring would not be able to work effectively, and would instantly backfire if round 1 was not coordinated decently. The situation we're in was completely inevitable. Mathematically, unless someone involved is a complete shit fighter, if you steal more in loot than you lose in infra, you've won. People need to get over the fact that the only purpose of having units is to do damage to your opponent, and that infra is only one way to do damage. Looting 100m is better than destroying 100m in infra. Infra can't be stashed away. So if you care about maximizing damage, you'd focus on loot early in the war, and once most people have been looted dry or stashed their resources, move onto destroying any infra that's still intact. But hey, thinking isn't needed if you outnumber your opponent enough. "So without pointing out the literal statistic of how we're losing, how are we losing???? #1PlaneEquals1PeePee" While at face value, your statement is completely stupid, but it could start an interesting debate. In an earlier post in this thread, i briefly mentioned that negative stats could be worth if it results in gaining more allies. Long-term, you could argue that war stats are irrelevant because it doesn't account for opportunity cost, nor does it account for internal/moral damage and political changes. Although those are relevant post-war, for simply judging the performances of those involved in the war, it's irrelevant. "hurr durr yeah you did better than me but um... NO ONE LIKES YOU". As for people losing members/activity, the side that draws the short straw for that always argues they're losing their weak members. It happens every war, and people want to assume it has a high correlation with military prowess rather than the game's stagnation.
  24. Except for the fact that soup repeatedly offered Kitschie a govt spot and to leave medellin and join Fark, seems like poaching to me...
  25. cute :3 I don't think you have a very good concept of war if you are saying that the individual wars won and lost tells us that you are"fighting" when all you are doing is "raiding." We don't beige you so we give you "wins" lol. Instead, we are smart about beiging and strategize beiges instead of being an unorganized alliance who can't control their member's beige patterns. That's how we won. I shouldn't need to explain to you how to conduct simple warfare... especially given that you have been playing longer than me.
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