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Alliance Name: P.U.P.P.E.T.S

Alliance Initials (if applicable): Above
Flag link: The American Samoa Flag until we create a personalized one
Forum link: http://www.puppets-pnw.forumotion.co.uk
IRC Channel: N/A

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Puppets added


Rose, Alpha, TLF, Sigma, Odd Squad, and Pheonix changed to Blue


Vanguard, World Task Force, Dutch East India Company and TEst changed to Green


Guardian changed to Yellow

Edited by Pax

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There appears to have been an issue with several of the flag images being taken down.

I replaced them for any alliances that still had their flags up, but Cobalt and SWF currently have theirs set to the French and Irish flag, respectively, so I'll be waiting on a response to update theirs.

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Alliance Name: British imperial legion

Alliance Initials (if applicable): BIL

Flag link: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b9/Flag_of_Prussia_1892-1918.svg

Forum link: http://britishimperialegion.freeforums.net/

IRC Channel: #BIL

Edited by Chuck Rees

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I decided to do an update on this so those who need it can have it.

I updated the list here without flags because I have no clue how to add the little flaggies next to the alliance names.


However this list is not every alliance in the game. Every Alliance that has over 6 members is listed in their color/acronym, forum link(or lack of) and IRC channel(or lack of).



Forum: None
IRC: #alpha

Forum: http://www.stylepoints.org/arrgh!/
IRC: #arrgh


Black Knights (BK)
Forums: https://bkpw.net/
IRC: #bk

Blood Brothers (BB)
Forum: None
IRC: None

British Imperial Legion (BIL)
Forum: http://britishimperialegion.freeforums.net/
IRC: #bil

Brotherhood of the Clouds (BoC)
Forum: http://bocpw.com/
IRC: #boc


Celestial Union (CU)
Forum: None
IRC: #celestialunion

Charming Friends (CF)
Forum: http://www.shinjixkaworu.biz/
IRC: #charmingfriends

Cobalt Clique (COBALT)
Forum: https://cobalt.click/
IRC: #co

Forum: http://cstone.koinonian.net/
IRC: #cornerstone


D'Haran Empire (DHE)
Forum: http://www.dhempire.com/
IRC: #dhe_public

Dutch East India Company (DEIC)
Forum: http://dutcheastindiaco.forumotion.com/login
IRC: #dutcheastindiaco


Forum: www.farkistan.org
IRC: #farkpw

Frontier Sort Alliance (FSA)
Forum: None
IRC: #fsa


Green Protection Agency (GPA)
Forum: http://gpapw.forumotion.com/
IRC: #gpa-pnw

Forum: http://s13.zetaboards.com/GuardianAlliance/index/
IRC: #guardian


Forum: None
IRC: None


Iberia (Ib)
Forum: http://pnwiberia.enjin.com/forum
IRC: #iberia

International Revolution (IR)
Forum: http://intrevpaw.freeforums.net/
IRC: #mobilehq


Jedi Order (JO)
Forum: jediorderpw.enjin.com/home
IRC: #jediorder


League of United Nations (LUN)
Forum: http://lun.createaforum.com/
IRC: None


Magister Mortalis (MM)
Forum: http://magmortpw.alianceforum.com/
IRC: #magistermortalis

Forum: http://eusaforums.com/forum/index.php/board,272.0.html
IRC: #mensahq


New Pacific Order (NPO)
Forum: http://pw.npowned.net/
IRC: #jackboots

North American Confederacy (NAC)
Forum: http://nacforums.forumotion.com/
IRC: #thenac

Nuclear Knights (NK)
Forum: http://s13.zifboards.com/Nuclear_Knights/index.php?
IRC: #nuclearknights


Pantheon (Pantheon)
Forum: http://pantheonpnw.forumotion.co.uk/
IRC: #pantheon

Phoenix (PNX)
Forum: http://phoenixpnw.proboards.com/
IRC: #pnx

Forum: http://pnwolaris.proboards.com/
IRC: #polarispnw


R&R (R&R)
Forum: http://rnr-alliance.us/
IRC: #rnr-pw

Forum: https://www.empireoftherose.com/forum/index.php
IRC: #rose

Roz Wei (RW)
Forum: http://rozwei.enjin.com/forum
IRC: #rozwei


Sell-Swords (ZZ)
Forum: http://sellswords.lefora.com/
IRC: None

Seven Kingdoms (SK)
Forum: http://7kingdoms.net/pw/forum/
IRC: #sk

Shuriken (SKN)
Forum: http://shuriken.boards.net/
IRC: #shuriken

Socialist Worker's Front (SWF)
Forum: http://swfpw.prophpbb.com/
IRC: #swf

Forum: http://spartaalliance.forumotion.com/login
IRC: #sparta


Terminus Est (TEst)
Forum: None
IRC: #terminusest

The Chola (tCh)
Forum: http://thechola.lefora.com/login/loginnow/Login-to-Lefora.html
IRC: #tch

The Coalition (tC)
Forum: http://infinitasguild.com/thecoalition/index.php
IRC: #thecoalition

The Cohesive Unit (TCU)
Forum: None
IRC: None

The Fighting Pacifists (FP)
Forum: None
IRC: None

The King's Parliament (TKP)
Forum: http://kingsparliament.boards.net/
IRC: #kingsparliament

The Knights Radiant (TKR)
Forum: http://www.knightsradiant.pw/
IRC: #radiant

The Light Federation (TLF)
Forum: http://tlfpw.createaforum.com/
IRC: #tlf

The Reformed German Empire (R.G.E.)
Forum: None
IRC: None

The Syndicate (T$)
Forum: http://syndicate-alliance.net/forums/
IRC: #syndicate

TYT Alliance (TYT)
Forum: None
IRC: #tyt_chat


Union of Sovereign Peoples (USP)
Forum: None
IRC: None

United Purple Nations
Forum: http://pwupn.com/
IRC: #upnw

Utopia (UTP)
Forum: http://utopiapw.boards.net/
IRC: None


Forum: http://vanguardpw.com/
IRC: #vanguard

Viridian Entente (VE)
Forum: http://www.viridianentente.com/
IRC: #ve_pnw


World Task Force (WTF)
Forum: http://forum.worldtaskforce.net/index.php
IRC: #wtfpw

Edited by Lord Asmodeus

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Alliance Name: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Alliance Initials (if applicable): USSR

Alliance color: Red

Forum link: ussrpw.foruma.biz

IRC Channel: under creation

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Alliance Name: Holy Britannian Empire

Alliance Initials (if applicable): HBE (Britannia)

Alliance color: White

Flag link: https://www.britanniapw.com/images/flag.png

Forum link: https://www.britanniapw.com

IRC Channel: #britannia

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