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Announcement from Guardian and The Allies

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As we have stated numerous times elsewhere, our goal in this conflict was to impress upon Guardian and the others the need to take responsibility for their actions. Tonight, I'm very pleased to announce that in our humble opinion, Guardian has done so. They have maintained a good attitude throughout this, and have demonstrated their renewed outlook on the world both in word and action by way of changing government and agreeing to pay the following reparations:


-Guardian will pay the Viridian Entente 50 Million in cash, 5,000 in steel, 5,000 in aluminum, and 5,000 in gas as reparations for their preemptive attack.


Once this single term is completed, Guardian is free to go.



They have been valiant opponents who's skill level we greatly enjoyed meeting on the battlefield. Furthermore, their new government has remained respectful throughout this process, and for that they have my respect in return. We sincerely wish them the best of luck on their new path. 



Signed for Guardian,


Memph, President of Guardian
Jim Beam, Vice President of Guardian
Tim Armstrong, VIce President of Guardian

Signed for the Viridian Entente,




Impero, Lord of the Entente

Moonpie, Secretary of State

Presidential, Secretary of Internal Affairs

Sweeeeet Ronny D, Secretary of Defense

Goldie, Secretary of Economics


Signed for the $yndicate
Board of Directors
Manthrax, Director of Accounting
Roy Mustang, Director of Human Resources
Nicholas II, Director of Acquisitions
Partisan, Director of Marketing
Supervisory Committee
Aleccs, Supervisor of Accounting
Flame of the Flawed, Supervisor of Human Resources
Boony, Supervisor of Acquisitions
Moufassa, Supervisor of Marketing
Signed for Terradoxia,
Jackson, King 
Morgan, King 
tiggera, Archduke 
James Faulkner, Archduke 
BigEll, Minister of Internal Affairs
Last187, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Will Golay, Minister of Economics 
Josh Freer, Minister of Defense 
Alkadi Yiri, Minister of Justice
Signed for BoC,
President: Lord Frostsword
Vice-President: iljohn
Chief Justice: Livius Clades
Minster of Defense: McHenry
Minster of Internal Affairs: Conroy
Minster of Foreign Affairs: Ivan
Minster of Finance: Goomy
Minster of Propaganda: Jodo
Deputy Minister of Defense: Estelle
Deputy Minister of Finance: Samdoo
Deputy Minister of Finance: KingFloater
Signed for Cornerstone,
Zygon, Triumver 
Robert Holmes III

Signed for UPN:

Hansarius - Primarch
Saru - Chief Librarian & Equerry to the Primarch
Ole - Warsmith
Aenir Master of the Forge
Victor Truchev - Reclusiarch
Emmad - Chooser of the Slain
Outburst - Lord Inquisitor



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Excellent work to everyone involved in the successful war effort against Guardian. It has been a pleasure to fight alongside you.

o/ Victory

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o/ the coalition we've been a part of and o/ our allies in Guardian.


Glad to see this could be resolved. 

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o/ Guardian

o/ tS

o/ Ve I <3 you moonpie

o/ Terradoxia

o/ BoC

o/ Cornerstone

o/ UPN



Yay peace :D

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congrats on peace Guardian. would have loved if they would have gotten rid of the reps requirement so that you guys can go straight into rebuilding, but I am glad to see these "non-negotiable" terms have been brought down a bit.

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I missed the action :( :(


But im happy there is peace now.


o/ peace

o/ popcorn :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:

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Guardian looks forward to improved relations with VE and the rest of Orbis going forward. I'd like to thank Impero for his reasonable approach during the war.

Edited by Tim Armstrong
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Great work everyone, glad we can finally close this front. Respect to Guardian for how well they handled the peace talks.

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Now how long until SK surrenders?

on the day that the 8 planets align

Edited by Simmons

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on the day that the 8 planets align

SK will either

a) eventually pay terms to end the war they are losing




B: go inactive after boredom of this war kicks in.



Both choices are great options.

Edited by Selvaria Bles
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