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For our Friends and Allies; We've Arrived


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Terradoxia Declaration of War


We've come to assist our friends and allies involved in this war of aggression.


​Terradoxia declares war on Mensa HQ.


and Seven Kingdoms and Guardian



We've come prepared for battle. Let it be known to the world Terradoxia will fight alongside our friends and allies and stand up to the injustices of our enemies.



King Morgan, King Jackson

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Glad you finally joined lol <3


Also, to all those people saying "have fun finding a slot" or something, there's always round 2 ;)

[22:05] <&Clarke> And what do you do Ivan?

[22:05] <&Clarke> Do you make artwork and stuff

[22:05] <@Goomy> he sort of prances about fabulously 

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>3 days later


I would hope so. lol

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☾☆ Chairman Emeritus of Mensa HQ ☾☆

"It's not about the actual fish, themselves. Fish are not important in this context. It's about fish-ing, the act of fishing itself." -Jack O'Neill


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