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Questions only huh?


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When Skynet said the thread would be unlocked when Sheepy returns, there was an implied "from Peru" at the end of the sentence. Perhaps it could have been stated more expressly, but that's why the threads haven't been unlocked yet. Sheepy hasn't returned from Peru.


We want any discussion on the issue of changing rules to occur while Sheepy is present to see the discussion as it is happening, rather than coming back to a long, detailed thread that has likely gone off the rails into non-productive discussion.


This is important because a change in the rules needs to be the result of a conversation with the admin, not just a conversation in front of the admin.


That is a very reasonable reply and all I asked for. Thanks.


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Question: To Baboon 


I seen you specifically told another player that MensaHq had reported his post.(See here) In my opinion telling the rule breakers who reported there materials seems like a very sketchy thing to do.This is especially so when one considering that it really shouldn't matter who reported who. According to the moderators, Rules are Rules, but by telling someone in a public place no less that a specific group was reporting illegal content that was deemed unworthy of this forum, sure seems like a way to initiate unnecessary conflict between the player base.  


In other words, is it the policy of the moderator to disclose information about who reported who, or about which groups(Notice the broader sense) reported the illegal material?


If no then why did you do it? 

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I quit playing for myself long ago, I play for another.

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