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[PEACE] Calming Skies


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13 hours ago, Sweeeeet Ronny D said:

If HW and RoSe really had a secret treaty, why would we care about rumors? Combined we could take the rest of the game on and probably win fairly easily.   If we wanted to do something like that, there would be no reason to keep it secret.

Watch this quote get used as ammunition in the meta debates regarding "grumpy bad". 

Hey Krampus, the signature edit is under account settings. Actually, here's the link.


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On 8/3/2022 at 2:53 PM, Darth Tryptophan said:

Okay so someone hitting you 4 months ago and being neutral for six months is a valid CB. That was a strange time to hit Celestial when rumors of secret treaties begin to surface. 

Imagine thinking CB's are still required for a war

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15 minutes ago, dtc justice said:

Imagine thinking CB's are still required for a war

Imagine SRD posts that his CB was "No politics on Grumpy's side, just good ole competition." gets little traction in his thread, then this genius still didn't read it and misconstrues SRD's post this badly.

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6 hours ago, Bollocks said:

The real 9000 IQ play by HW here was getting Celestial to actually believe they weren’t interested in a war and actively ignore signals to the contrary

cue that Sun Tzu quote

Stay strapped or get clapped?

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