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Time is Up.

His Holy Decagon

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15 minutes ago, His Holy Decagon said:

"The Time is Up Agreement"
(In HW or Celestial and get scared for a moment, when you saw this go up? Lol.)

Preamble: In the interest of peace and mutual understanding, the two parties of Clock and Backroom enter into this agreement. Recognizing that at this time there is no Casus Belli between the two parties and as such in an effort to avoid a needless and causeless war, the two parties agree to enter into a mutual agreement of demilitarization. 

Article 1: The two parties, effective of the update of today, June 29, 2022, in game time will not militarize beyond what's a rational MMR.

Article 2: Not dictating what c10's and lower can do, for real, Jesus.

Article 3: During this period of demilitarization in the face of the current ongoing global conflict, the parties pledge to come to the aid of the other if one party comes under the attack of a sphere that is already militarized. 

Article 4: This agreement will expire once the current spheres already engaged in hostility have rebuilt and returned to a standard peacetime MMR.   What do I type here that also sounds sort of pathetic?


Clock, on behalf of Test, all Protectorates, and all Extensions of those associated,
Co-Leader: HisHolyDecagon
Co-Leader: TigerFire
2iC/Foreign Affairs: Keegoz
Foreign Affairs: Cadn,Codename

Co-Leader: Vein
Co-Leader: Patrick

First Explorer: Kan0601
First Explorer: ToxicPepper
Second Explorer: Alex
Chairman of FA: Xi Jinping
Chairman of MA: Jacob Knox

General Secretary: Empiur
2iC/Head of FA: Taiga

The Commonwealth
Prime Minister: RightHonorable
Chief of Staff: Lionstar, Jeric
Chancellor of the Exchequer: Christian Dahl
Minister of FA: KillzBob
Home Secretary: Dillon I
Foreign Secretary: Azazel
Deputy Foreign Secretary: SwedenBall

The Wei
Regent: Boris Underground
Regent: (The Definitive) James
Flying General: Penpiko
Flying General: Canter

Suffet: Daveth
Elder: Krampus

Bourbon Street

Councilmen: Kiloist, Hannah
Deputy Councilman: Mutedfaith

Chairmen of Public Relations: Arln Nen, Aero
Chairman of Security: The Ringer
Chairman of Finances: Galerion
Chairman of Marketing: Fulcrum

The Residents of Bourbon Street

Imperator: Istandor 

Consul of Economic Affairs: kiwilliam
Consul of Foreign Affairs: David Ben-Gurion
Consul of Internal Affairs: Nome
Consul of Military Affairs: Micheal Lybrand

Global Alliance & Treaty Organization
Assembly Chairman- Jgoods45
Vice Assembly Chairman - KittenGosCrazy 
Minister of Foreign Affairs- Clancy
The General Assembly

Where's my signature 

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you're supposed to sign this before you hit them, not after. smh 

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TheNG - My favorite part is when Steve suggests DEIC might have done something remotely successful, then gets massively shit on for proposing such a stupid idea.

On 1/4/2016 at 6:37 PM, Sheepy said:
Sheepy said:

I'm retarded, you win

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3 minutes ago, Kevanovia said:

This was unneeded salt…

Cheerlead HW on the move you were wanting, no need to try and reopen a scab that is no longer there. Celebrate your victory, don’t give yourself a L.

What can you say that the secret Clock leader hasn't already covered here ^

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Time is up? Wait, this isn't a DoW! Oh, it's salt delivery. Anyways, back to business.

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My opinion may not reflect those of my alliance or its affiliates. Please read at your own discretion.

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I'm so glad back rooms went for my wonderful idea. I congratulate our wonderful clock allies on this bold and courageous move. 

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Hey Krampus, the signature edit is under account settings. Actually, here's the link.


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