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[RON Exclusive] An Appeal to MCM & Friends


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1 hour ago, Krampus said:


$5 mil for you to read it to me and record it

Hey Krampus, the signature edit is under account settings. Actually, here's the link.


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1 hour ago, Emperor Adam said:

Fake screenshots, not my pfp.


Typical of Rose to try and drive new players from the game. My nations only a day old, bully.

Simply because you put a fake mustache on doesn't mean ur a completely different person now. I know who you are Adam, you fill that server with constant toxicity and unnecessary doxxing of private logs left and right. You may be a day old, but your actions have left me with centuries worth of trauma. 

56 minutes ago, Mr. Pants said:

You are not innocent.


Clearly not me, says Vaylin and a different pfp smh. 

56 minutes ago, Zach LaVine said:

I refuse to let Vexz spread her propaganda unimpeded. I for one have screenshots of my own to use.

Proof One:


Here I am airing out my doubts and insecurities and rather than comfort me, Vexz opts to put me down further and then laugh at me. I trusted Vexz with my deepest and darkest fears and then she stabbed me in the gut and twisted the knife. Can you believe it?

Proof Two:


Here I am advocating for RON to spread love and hugs and positivity. As you can see, Vexz is not a fan of that and is telling me to shut up off even daring to suggest the idea of positivity. Vexz blames me for being negative but she’s the one who can’t handle the growth and the change.

Proof Three:


Here, Vexz is blatantly giving out preferential treatment to Ramona over me. What have I done to deserve this? It’s unknown, however rumor has it that it’s cause Ramona is a Kpop stan. Is this what you want Vexz? Are you the one running those Kpop servers that Ramona gets his emojis from? Is this who you are?

I must ask, is this truly the best that RON has to offer? Is this who Krampus wants representing his server? I for one demand the removal of Vexz at once, she should be replaced with a friendly and heartwarming individual that is the opposite of everything she embodies. I believe the best candidate for this role is @Horsecock. I am a big fan of his recent wall of text, this man is very eloquent and good hearted and just wants what’s best for the community, we would do wonders to have him represent us.

Let me tell you something MCM, I may have Spaniard blood but I'm full blown Murica patriot and I'm all about that self defense. Now onto ur out of context logs, this is the full log of proof 1:


I don't know what this hate is all about, but how is it my fault to wish for someone to better her life by telling her the honest truth? If your whole life is revolved around hate, then your life is already meaningless. I just want to see you better yourself but alas... ever since SK rejected you, your hearts been full of hate. Now for proof 2, exposing you once more.


Look at you, abusing your powers that the autocrats in RON have bestowed upon you. Quite convenient to leave this part out don't you think? Oh and your last one, very convenient that you try to mix me in with that Ramona person when in that very topic of that log, I dmed you with an invite but seeing I'm a victim of breaching privacy by Adam. I decided to go ahead, and leak said discussion:


Shame on you for not apologizing and trying to bully me even here, goes to show the length of your toxicity. Lastly care to look at our moderation logs and read off some tickets by HC pls and if your comfortable post them here and let it speak to your claims he'd be better suited for the job. 


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@Vexz I want you to realize that this is nothing compared to what people can do, people online, specifically people in this game do not care how you feel or how well you treat people or how nice you are. They want revenge, reaction and a laugh.


If you fall, cry people talk and laugh about it.

If you make it clear that your intentions are only to spread kindness and love they will stay silent.

It is simple, people that hate you will never admit the good side of you but will speak about the bad stuff that you did long time ago or the little stuff they dig to make you look bad. The best thing to do is try to stay silent. It is hard but try to ignore it because they want to mess with you and laugh at your reaction. This post was a bad idea... Now people are going to make fun of you. That is the truth, deal with it, just have fun with friends and ignore whatever people are throwing at you lol.

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Vex, Vex, Vex, think of the way you've treated so many people before you cast stones in your glass house.


Screenshots censored for incredibly foul language.





As you can see, fellow readers, Vex is a deeply hateful person who shows no signs of changing, and continuously steps on people who are trying to become better. I, for one, support self-improvement. I believe that Vex should apologize for her actions and take time to reflect and become a new person, one that spreads love and friendship, not judgement and insults.

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16 minutes ago, Joe Schmo said:

I thought this was a shitpost but kept reading and realized it was serious. Wut.
Also like nothing they said is in any way indicative of them being jerks. It's the internet, they're definitely joking. Grow up and stop whining about someone making a few jokes you took the wrong way.

It IS a shitpost. What are y'all on


Inform Zigbir I have forgotten how to edit the signature field
Please remind me how to do it post haste!

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Look at this hypocrite, as she harrasing one of the 4 players of the year and one of the two best IC posters and winner of the best ad. 
Vexz is a bully, who seeks attention like all of rose. I think we all should roll her and rose, till they are out of the game. /s

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