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[DoE] The end is near.


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3 hours ago, alyster said:

The acronym is CAT? I wonder how GATO feels about that?

Good luck!

It’s been an utter, CATastrophe, eh? Eh? Okay I’m sorry we’ll disband now.


congrats on the new alliance! 


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The folks from Error have been teaching us backwards neo-Luddites all about the wonders of technology for the last couple days, I feel like a tribesman from some remote jungle in Papua New Guinea being shown a cell phone for the first time. Now I just need to figure out if there's a bot can make my wife come back to me, please Susan it's been 3 years I just want to see the kids

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18 hours ago, Vanek26 said:

Two turds merging as they swirl down the toilet. 

Say it like you mean it.


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