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What are the Continental Borderlines when changing map location (especially in the ocean)

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I would like edit my map location without changing my Continent, the borders I wish to have would span into both North America & Europe
I know that the Center Point determines what the continent is, but as my Center Point would be somewhere in the Artic or Atlantic Ocean I'm not sure if I would be switching continents by accident or not. Is there a map to help show the continental borders for the map? 
I really don't want to mess up and have to rebuild infra or restructure my cities as well as waste my location changes for a cosmetic change to borders.

Is there a prompt or warning when editing the map and choosing a Center Point that would change the continent?
iIf not could this be added to avoid issues like this for others in the future? this would really be beneficial, especially for any nation located on the Eurasian Steppe, the Mediterranean, the Arctic or Oceania(& the oceans in general) trying to adjust their borders without switching continents.

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Don't think anyone really knows where the borders are exactly, good question. Hopefully someone with knowledge answers lol.

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