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[ROH] Camelot Goes Treasure Hunting

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Wow TLE. Good move.
Booo Cam, bullying forces who appear smaller. (Also wtf is with that horrible net?)

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Viva La Cruzada

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Camelot made a big mistake on this one.

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Signed, Mega

Proud TLE Member

Currently doing Milcom, Econ, FA for The Lost Empire.

DISCLAIMER: Any post that I make or my response to one is NOT in any way representative of my alliance or its members, its government and its leadership, unless I explicitly state otherwise.

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Hey good on yall, when we hit for the treasure we figured you would not do anything, im actually glad you did. 


Hope ya'll have some fun and im sure our members will aswell 

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Just now, Rewan Demontay said:

Well shoot. I just had all of my infra rebuilt from GW18. I swear that this better not turn into GW19 already.

Fam TLEs only ally is Federation lol. Too smol to be a global. TFed ain't even involved either.

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1 hour ago, Xi Jinping said:

okay so it wouldn't go away I clicked the unbold button like 15 times and nothing

Its ok.  My dow for TLR ended up in a spoiler and I couldnt fix it.  /shrug

Good Luck guys.

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