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Taxes and economic policies

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The taxes and economic policies in the game dont add up. A far right government isn't going to have a 12% income tax an a slightly left wing government wont charge a 30% Tax rate here are some new tax rates depending one your policies 


Extreme Right .75%-1.5%

Far right 2%-3%

Right 5-7%

Moderate 8-11%

Left 12-15%

Far Left 17-18%

Extreme Left 20-22%


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Bro the United States is one the most Capitalist, right wing countries in earth and it's got a taxrate of 22% for basically anyone not in poverty, which essentially translates to "gets paid a sort of livable wage".

Soooo, it doesn't add up how exactly? Also these don't affect anything you'll always get the same revenue it just changes a few numbers for aesthetics lol.

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Alex had a plan, a year plus ago to rework some things that are tied into approval, policies, etc... As far as I know that's still buried on the back burners. If/when it gets moved up you'll see a large thread from me regarding it.

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