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[DoW] SCP-811: Containment Procedures Initiated

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Hab a choco of support Withheld, we'll do what us swissy chocolatiers do best and spectate the world ripping itself apart :P


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Review by the O5 council has found that this is an excellent DOW. Pleasure to be working with you guys!

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13 hours ago, Bradley said:


tl;dr, Name Withheld declares war on Swamp

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Internal Memo


O5 Council


Date: 02/05/2021


From: O5-1 Old Grumpy


To:O5 Council [ALL], MTF Lambda-12


Subject: Containment Breach, Euclid classification


Despite multiple attempts, we are yet to reestablish contact with the staff at Bio-Research Area-12 after their last report stating SCP-811’s unusual change in behaviour. We must assume the site has fallen and containment procedures failed. The O5 council has come to the decision to deploy Mobile Task Force Lambda-12, callsign Pest Control, to Area-12 to investigate and, if necessary, neutralise any escaped SCP’s. Although no evidence is present, we cannot rule out whether outside intervention from The Chaos Insurgency is involved. 


MTF Lambda-12: Your first objective is to investigate the research area and reestablish contact with the staff. If any SCP’s are not still contained, your priority will shift to neutralising them, and the staff will no longer be a priority. If there is any evidence of outside involvement, including but not limited to the Chaos Insurgency, the staff are to be treated as hostile and arrested to be brought to the Administrative Department for interrogation with the presumption of guilt until proven otherwise. SCP-811, codename The Swamp Women, must be contained. 


MTF Theta-4, callsign The Gardners, will be on standby for extraction.

I love SCP stuff

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