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Custers Last Stand

Cpt Crunch

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5 hours ago, PurpleElefante said:

Things that I found out today:

1. Crunch hates me for some reason

2. There was a pink moon last night

Why do you assume people hate you instead of asking & conversing?

                   I am a very reasonable & compassionate human being if one understands me. 

  What you assume/judge about me is your opinion & Im not entitled to be pushed around by it.


Get on my nerves (or for the hell of it) may God have mercy on your soul. Flavored salt is coming!

Sincerely, The Nether KIng of Orbis, Grand Apostle of the 11, Elvish Tiefling Ranger, Mercenary of Hell, Orbis Sorcerer Supreme, & Multi-Dimensional Salt Lord; Firwof the Devilman

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On 4/27/2021 at 7:40 AM, Cpt Crunch said:

For those who dont know me Im commonly know as crunch, an irrelevant city 15, and ive come to bring a important annoucement to orbis

First off, you may be wondering why im posting in Alliance affairs.

Secondly it doesn't matter why. This post will pertain to a lot of people. 

Due to gw17 not starting yet, and all of orbis on pixle hug mode, im nuking or hitting every person i dislike in orbis. 

Good luck to those who will encounter my costly endeavor!




Oh no not my pixels whatever will I do!



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