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Another coup???

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An Announcement from Order of the White Rose


Today, March 17th 2021, a new chapter in the history of OWR begins!
For too long have we tolerated tyrannical inefficacy and increasingly despotic behaviour at the helm of our government. 

No longer will the Kith of the Order suffer such oppression! Kamade's lust for yachts ends today!

We formally depose Prime Kamade

A new chapter begins, for the glory and freedom of Alba Rosa!

Prime - DtC Justice

1st Comrade - Ockey
Legate of Internal Affairs - Google Home
Legate of Foreign Affairs - Roquentin
Legate of Economics - Pooball
Legate of Defence - Bopolo

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This is sooo March 16th, Kamade had already been replaced by Luis like 2 days ago

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Look up to the sky above~

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Well, welcome to Nexus ig? 
You get one cat pic from Daveth from per week, use it wisely.

Edited by Ramona
There, perfection.
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1 minute ago, dtc justice said:

But who could forget pooballs resource production 

When you have 2 good candidates for the job though; do you go with the small potatoes or the goat?

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42 minutes ago, KiWilliam said:

When you have 2 good candidates for the job though; do you go with the small potatoes or the goat?

Roquentin is overrated, his involvement in the scheming/process of the resource production isn't nearly high enough for the value that you're giving him. I think that more active participants in the scandal should be more deserving of the praise that goes with it. Honestly, if Roquentin had the same teammates that Pooball had, Roquentin's scheme wouldn't have worked nearly as well as it did. On a purely individual level, Pooball was much more involved and he did a much better job at what he did. Roquentin was more or less a figure head, whereas Pooball actually did what he claimed to have done. So, Pooball did a lot, with worse teammates, and most importantly, he was from Oceania...

You shouldn't fear anything, until you've lost yourself. 

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6 minutes ago, alyster said:

Guys, could you please have mercy on us? Embbed this link somehwere and just scratch off the last name and write a new one next time you have a coup :D



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