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An Apology and a Farewell

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15 minutes ago, epsteindidntkillhimself said:

Now that I'm banned, I figured this was something that should be done. I'm not mad or annoyed at Alex in anyway; what I did was completely wrong, and a ban was incoming. I do regret what I did, which is why I didn't deny anything that Alex questioned me about. I wish none of this was even necessary, but I made a mistake that I need to pay for. Please do note that everything I did was my responsibility and mistake alone; I would hate to see people unfairly blaming KT for something that they were completely unaware about. I know this in no way makes up for the immense wrongdoings I've done, but I hope it's at least a start.

It's been nice being in this community for a year. I know many of you will rejoice that I've gone, and I can't really blame you for that. I'm far from a good person. I'll miss some of the people I've met here.  


fair well monke brother

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Cya Yang, you already know my thoughts on what you did, so not gonna get into that here too. It’s been fun when you aren’t being a complete idiot though, good luck man. Just keep your head screwed on tight.

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I was going to write something about how much i honor that you would admit to your mistakes, however i feel as if that would be too emotionally integrated and clearly directed at making me more 'prominant' in this situation despite the fact that nobody would care about my post neither would most P&W players actually react to it.

HOWEVER, i was quite sad that i could not find the words for a joke about this situation, or without introducing what i said i already wanted to avoid. I really like to make comedy of possibly the most serious, neutral, or 'emotionally deep' situations. :(


In all seriousness, Farewell.

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