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Plum News (New UPN Charter and Government)


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I'm happy to be back and I'm really looking forward to working with you all!


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“Be your friend’s true friend.
Return gift for gift.
Repay laughter with laughter again
but betrayal with treachery.”


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6 minutes ago, Sahina said:

UPN is irrelevant tho.  

If that's the lie you need to tell yourself so you can sleep at night then carry on. But watch this space

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Hans lol

"If we have no choice but to fight, than I'd rather fight for the good guys. I'd rather burn on the side of justice and morals, than greed and gluttony. Justice must be upheld and order must be given to a broken world. Rose must survive because without Rose than evil shall reign. Rose needs warriors, will you aid the empire?"


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