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GW16: Damage Timelapse

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Not using CTOwned, which is an automatic 0/10, don't approve and would not watch again... [insert more party line here]


Seriously though, nice work putting this together, was fun to watch. 

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3 minutes ago, Akuryo said:

Why does mine keep shifting around after 3 weeks. I stopped having wars like halfway through and just chilled lol.

 It was calculated on locutus lol, You starting losing DMG dealt at day 31 lmao. Not surprised though, pretty that bot doesn't calculate beige infra damage, I'm a 1b+ down from CTO and T$'s own dmg calculator bot.

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16 hours ago, hidude45454 said:

Just a fun thing I thought I'd make and share. This strokes my e-peen SO HARD but also yes I'm aware the stats are very not perfect and also I have zero video editing ability so please don't be too mean to me 😅

I don't know how hard this would be but. Maybe try different areas of orbis. Like Raided, Total Damage etc...

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Thanks for the kind words y'all :)

I'm unfortunately unable to do any other stats because I was collecting total damage info only (didn't think to do any others at the time). If anyone has extra stats tho feel free to contact me; otherwise next war I'll absolutely be collecting more info.

7 hours ago, Sahina said:

Ok, thank god you called it RoseCam, wtf kinda name is *Roselot*.

Who calls it RoseCam?! I was almost tempted to use the new thing they came up with (CAT ASMR) lmao

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