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Mysterious HM leader finally revealed?

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2 hours ago, Phoenyx said:

borg just pointed out that Mythic is not in any way connected to HM, so yeah, clearly Yang was just joking around. He used to be in Mythic, he probably tipped Dryad off to the joke :-p. 

ngl ngl youre getting played here pal. its obviously dryad.

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4 minutes ago, Dryad said:

I'm caught off-guard a bit for being revealed so suddenly but I guess I have no other choice but to confess now that it has come to this. The entire war was planned by me since back in March. I sent Vein to form eclipse and tie themselves to t$. From there I made him lead propaganda against Camelot to ensure they have a cb against quack, at the same time I infiltrated hedge through KT and controlled important information-flow through puppeteering you. With both of these pieces in position it was time to lit the spark. Aware of the information Boyce held at the time, Vein and I reformed Mythic and got ourselves involved in a war with TEst, correctly predicting that he would leak the knowledge that we knew he held as he was now in war-mode anyway. And from here all that was left was minor manipulation using both Veins and my connections to both sides. The result: I got the entire game to burn and treated Mythic to a raiding bonanza.

@Phoenyx There you go friend, the full story.


At this point, I think I'm glad that I initially bought this bs from Yang if only for the laughs it's giving me now :-p. 

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6 hours ago, Lord Vader said:

I doubt... Mythic is very closely related to Eclipse (a T$ ally)
(Although slightly possible, since I think Dryad was in KT)

Stop feeding the Phoenyx.

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