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A Snake's Tale: Surrender, Booze, and Peace


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a salute to the 90 enemy nations who I left my mark on... you fought as well as you could, but in the end most of you fell before the mighty hooves of the cow army. May we go now in leace and return to our homes, mates and kids once again, laying down our swords and raising our plowshares

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2 minutes ago, alyster said:

Which one links them to Swamp, HYDRA or Red Skies?

When the list was made I asked specifically for Black Skies to be included with TLE's prots. I'm not sure why they weren't in the list but they were supposed to be. 

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(Defeats all enemies & gets announcement from RON & TCW on the end of war)

Such a fun war, time to head home, rebuild & be ready for Christmas.

GG Quack, GG. 

(Gets on a chopper & flys back home with Fortunate Son playing in background)


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8 minutes ago, Darth Ataxia said:

GG to all involved. It was fun while it lasted. Here is the uncensored version for those brave and beautiful enough to read. ;)

  Reveal hidden contents

Partisan strode into the command tent, blood dripping off his armor and splatting on the ground. Benfro, Daveth, Hughes, James, and Squeegee and the other negotiators filed in behind him. They too, had blood all over them. None of the other Quack leaders already in the tent were fazed. At this point there were few who had no blood on their armor. Partisan took a seat at the command’s circular table. A battle map was laid out and Quack had little ground left. Roses, Hedges, and assorted Swamp creatures surrounded the remaining Quack strongholds. A defeat was all but confirmed. Three pints of ale were placed before Partisan. He drank heavily from the first one before beginning to speak.


“My lords and ladies, I think we can all agree that this military endeavor has not necessarily worked out in Quack’s favor. We have just returned from negotiations with the Nameless Paperless Coalition and have the terms for our peace.” He began patting his armor, then his belt before he remembered. “Ah yes, Bennyboi has our papers.” He drank from his pint again, allowing the ale to spill from the sides and down his armor. “Go ahead, Benny. Read them our terms.”


Benfro read aloud the terms of Quack’s surrender and peace. Partisan drank his second pint of ale as a vote was cast with unanimous passage.  “Well,” Daveth said, “all that remains is to present our terms to our army and make our surrender official before our enemies.” 


At that moment, horns blew and the Quack army began to shout. The NPC delegation had arrived. The Quack leaders got up from the table and walked outside with Partisan carefully clutching his last pint of ale.


Walking up the hill was Halfman, a drunken soldier, the Potato King, a prickly old man pushed in a wheelchair by the head gardener, Jarles the Puppet, and two foxes. Benfro signaled for a table to be set up and served while the leadership sat down and their armies watched on.


“Well, Snek,” croaked the prickly old man, “I’ve gotten the best of you again, until my memory fails and I have to come get you off my color bloc lawn again.” His laughter quickly devolved into coughing before LeftBehind rushed forward and fed him some medicine. “Nappy nap time.” the old man mumbled before drifting off to sleep. Partisan sighed and then stood up shakily.


“Now that we’re all, uhhhh, where we are. I think we can commence with the sssssigning and public reading of the terms and surrender.” Partisan said and then plopped down in his chair. 
“Excuse me, I just need to make sure that is okay with my leaders and is what we’re supposed to do.” Jarles said before getting up and running over to Valk and Vexz. A short whispered conversation later, he returned to his seat. “My leaders have told me we can proceed.”


The peace document soon was passed around the table and signed by each representative. Partisan dipped his snake tail in the ale and signed with his beloved booze. The old man was still asleep, so his aide signed for him. When the last signature was complete, Adam of the $yndicate stood up and read the document aloud for all to hear. 


Official Peace Terms:

Effective at Day Change of 14/12/2020-15/12/2020 (Greenwich Mean Time)


1.     Quack posts admission of defeat.

2.     Blanket NAP of 120 days (Ending on the 13th April 2021) including all current protectorates on both sides.

3.     All wartime changes in regards to color blocs must be reversed to pre-war status. This applies to both coalitions and protectorates for the duration of the NAP.

4.     No new war declarations after peace is in effect; any ongoing wars may end naturally via peace, expiry, or beige.

5.     Yui is to be provided a baby giraffe picture from TKR.


When Adam finished reading aloud, armies from all factions shouted for joy and the leaders congratulated each other on a well fought war. Quack and NPC leadership walked down the hill together to celebrate and feast. Peace had arrived and the world was no longer burning.


The old man remained at the table, still sleeping from his medicine, mumbling about punching the snek again. Partisan also remained nearby, too drunk to walk, too tired to celebrate. He cradled his third half-empty pint in his arms and drifted off to sleep. 


TL;DR: Quack surrenders to the Nameless Paperless Coalition. Both parties agree to peace with a 4 month NAP. 

jarles.jpg it's all for fun Jarles bb. 

You're exactly six years late on the marionette jokes, btw. :P

Happy peace, folks!

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Enjoyed the war and looking forward to a healthy future for every bloc/sphere/whatever you identify as (cough, Vader, cough).

We went into the war with Swamp and I'm happy to have had the allies I did. Even if I did get clapped by TEst folks that's half the fun, I just wish they'd called the next day

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

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Well played by both sides. Wish y'all luck on the rebuild!


~"The social object of skilled investment should be to defeat the dark forces of time and ignorance which envelop our future"~


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