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1 MAP Rocket Attack


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  1. Zeroed nations have nothing to do other than fortify and fire missiles periodically.
  2. If at 8+ MAP overnight, it is easy to waste MAP accrued while sleeping. If wanting to coordinate an attack, your only options are to let the MAPs go to waste or make a 3 MAP attack and delay the coordination.


Add a rocket attack which only consumes munitions and costs 1 MAP. Since rockets have no guidance, you could add a large amount of success variability. They would also only inflict 1/4 of the damage typically done by missiles. Opting for 1/4 instead of 1/8 due to the RNG that would already reduce the effectiveness of rockets.

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Seeing it is nerfed even more by iron dome and is just a lot of work for not a lot of return, it might be better to devolop real guerella tools that are actually enjoyable and fun to use.

Missles are shit, these missles are also shit but take more work.

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18 hours ago, Flavee said:

Decreasing the map from 8 to 6 might help.

I'm not suggesting a modification to missiles, but the addition of a new type of attack called rockets. Think of it like insurgents blindly firing rockets over a border as opposed to guided missiles.

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