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In-Game Ban Appeal

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User Name: QWERTYL

Punishment: ban

Date of Ban/mute: 2020-10-14

Reason for Ban/mute: Sharing multiple IPs, device/browser fingerprints, also using Python to access the game (scripting?).

Length of Ban/mute: 90 days

Banned By: I don't know

Reason for Appeal: The reason I was sharing multiple IPs is because my brother and I play on the same computer. The reason I used python to access the game was to use a recruitment bot which (unless I am mistaken) is not against the rules. I would have gotten verified but you had to be over 18 and it clearly states:


"No one needs to be verified. You can continue to play as normal with restrictions on your account. For players that do not share a network connection with any other players, there is no reason to be verified at all."


Also, I was removed from my alliance and an inactive was promoted to leader. I would appreciate if I could be added back.


Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=178092


If any further information is required to prove I didn't cheat, I'd be happy to provide it. If necessary I'll even provide the source code of the recruitment bot. Thanks for your time.

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Ik for a fact qwerty is not a multi he has never broken a game rule that I can see, srry for writing but I thought it deserved to be said and the one who reported him AV Alan knows he's not a multi Alan is a troll who claims everyone is a multi he should be the one banned tbh 

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Update: This quote is directly from Alex on discord:


"Sending out automated recruitment messages is automated gameplay, but it is explicitly allowed because getting new players to join alliances is important."



Edit: I'd also like to point out that according to this forum post

A nation got a mere strike for allegedly using multis, while I was banned for playing on the same network as my brother.

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Read the Ban Report. 

This nation was banned on 2020-10-14 18:22:18 for: Creating multiple nations: 239221. Sharing multiple IPs, device/browser fingerprints, also using Python to access the game (scripting?). The ban is for 88 more days. Visit your nation, or go to the search page.

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I had sufficient evidence to determine that the nations were operated by the same person. Your ban appeal is denied.

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