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[TREATY] UL-GATO Optional Defence and Optional Aggression Pact


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4 hours ago, Tartarus said:




Yeah it looks real one sided to me.

not sure if your joking or not but it was 30vs600+
yknow only 20x our member base

swamp took 3.3bil damage TCM took 7.4bil

similar to TCM+GPC versus Poor Pantheon Crew which ended up 800+ vs 69
7bil taken 5.3bil dealt
our most recent war was 80 Vs 24 we had a 4 man ally step in via a MDoAP 
3bil taken and 2.4bil dealt

all wars sides poor pantheon officially ended in white peace

i ended following Goons peace terms which made Pantheon win by default technically however we reformed TCM on our Birthday and stayed together regardless of not having a solid alliance

recovery is slow but we aren't gonna go anywhere anytime soon so just gonna hang on and fix some our old bots and work on recruitment

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