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War Name Thread

Dr Rush

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"Over the Hedge and Through The Swamp to TCW's House We Go!" is a pretty ok name for now (kinda long tho) 6.5/10, and " nUPNberg trials" is a great name (9/10).

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Man Vs. Wild


Edit: it's a Canadian TV show where this guy gets dropped off in different desolate climates and has to survive for a week with minimal supplies 

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explained the name
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The Shortest Night


Also 48 hours or so until i start the voting process

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23:38 Skable that's why we don't want Rose involved, so we can take the m all for ourselves

23:39 [] but Mensa is the cute girl at the school dance and she's only dancing with us right now to get our friend jealous

23:39 [] If Rose comes in and gives Mensa what she wants, she'll just toss us aside and forget we ever existed

23:39 zombie_lanae yeah I do hope we can keep having them all to ourselves

23:40 zombie_lanae I know it's selfish but I want all their love



6:55 PM <+Isolatar> Praise Dio

Pubstomper|BNC [20:01:55] Rose wouldn't plan a hit on Mensa because it would be &#33;@#&#036;ing stupid

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