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Uniting the Clans Begins!

Uncle Iroh

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We are glad to see that the great Dragon Confederacy has submitted to Caledonia and has risen the flag of the clans! Soon the rest of the Clans will be united once more, who will be the next??

Long Live Caledonia!




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Just now, Uncle Iroh said:

Mount And Blade: Now Thats A Name I Havent Heard In A Long Time Gif

I was in ur Covenant and Jedi Order alliance when I first started lmao

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"Havgle is a piece of sh*t" -probably everyone in Orbis



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5 hours ago, Daveth said:

Folks are lining up to get Uncle Iroh's advice, truly a master of peace and diplomacy. 😉



5 hours ago, RyanK said:


Ah, I knew it was a matter of time before the Terrorist Alliances showed up.

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43 minutes ago, Strongclaws said:

Was this really necessary? We did not submit to you, we just negotiated a peace deal. Furthermore, we are in no way united with you as you have implied. 

#fakenews #caldonianewsnetworkmosttrustednewssource

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