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Collapse in the Mines 2.0 [RoH]

Lord Tyrion

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Just now, Pascal said:

where is my tl;dr



TCM broke terms, admitted it and refused to do anything to remedy it.   

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:nyan:The Volleyball :nyan: 

Avanti Immortali


..one, two, Jimmy's coming for you...

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Sooner or later all those loyal to Nokia and his schemes will learn their lesson.

The Angels Light shines beyond, your salvation along it's path, merely walk in it's direction~

Besides coal caves are bad for your lungs anyway so it's like win win.

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"Shadow launched a nuke on a Fark nation hours after the peace he accepted was in effect, causing expensive damage.  When asked hours later the next day “hey, what the hell?” minutes after such inquiry, a missile was sent to the same Fark target (who hadn’t attacked at all again mind you) ending that war and looting the nation and Fark’s alliance bank."



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