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Fraggle Rock Farewell


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There's not many players that can say they have their very own achievement, farewell and good wishes.

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Look up to the sky above~

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Always loved me some Fraggle. :)


Edit: Kinda funny to see all these people talking poopy. Fraggle always schemed, since the first day I met her. We schemed together, we ran schemes off each other, and it was fun! I'd befriend someone that goes against the grain every single dang time than to befriend someone who is just like everyone else. Again, always loved me some fraggle.

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people are trash
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The first nuke built, and the first nuke dropped... you won't be forgotten.

Thanks for the years of unique characters and narrative!

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We have seized the means of production. Though union, and self-governance, we have organized between all peoples of the land.




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39 minutes ago, Thalmor said:

I don't like these hot takes. I won't defend the update, but you can't blame Alex for Fraggle quitting.

Fraggle is quitting because she wants to quit. It is her decision alone. It appears to me she's quitting because the raids against her demoralize her, but again that's not Alex's fault and it's more than fine for people to raid Fraggle. Had I not rebuilt infra, I would be jumping on that myself. 

I'm in the minority on this but that's fine. I never cared much for Fraggle and I still don't. The cult of personality around her was cringe and unwarranted. After years of building nukes, she chooses to VM and may very well delete soon. She could be an absolute madman (manwoman?) and go out nuking everyone, but she doesn't. In fact, she couldn't for the longest time because she purposely grew herself out of range of everyone and even if she did go on a nuke rampage, all you would have to do is blockade her and she couldn't do anything.

Also, her threats against KT in February were extremely impotent and people who make impotent threats/don't follow up lose tons of respect and credibility in my eyes. It's just cringe.


Obviously, I wish her the best in real life. IC/OOC divide definitely applies. The way she roleplayed her posts was interesting and different. 

God bless.

Glad to see I am not the only one that thinks Fraggle is not fun, but a giant pain in the ass.  A player known for lying, cheating and scamming other members/alliances, and always putting herself above her fellow alliance members.

That being said, best of luck in the future to ya!

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Cheers for the fun times fraggle
First nuke
First nuke dropped
First player to have their own achievement
First player over 1000 nukes
First player over 15000 score
I wish you well and hope you've enjoyed your 2100 days
I don't think you will be forgotten

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https://discord.gg/UpYS8JQ We're setting up a send away celebration. We need some of her close friends to join for speeches and such. All are invited though. If @Fraggle could join as well that would be great. Details to be released later.

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