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2/5/2020 - Major Announcement Regarding Enforcement of Game Rules

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13 hours ago, Windseeker said:

I respected Alex when he made that announcement, even when people mocked it in Discord, but getting another bogus war slot filling strike made me realize it absolutely means nothing now.

I am contemplating doing something stupid and getting that third strike in because I rather take that route than cowardly deleting or existing forever as a paranoid pixel hugger.

I have probably the oldest still existing nation strike from 2014, be a good boi and you won't have to be paranoid for years.


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On 2/8/2020 at 5:31 PM, brucemna said:

Don't worry about NPO, will be just fine.

This is now coming back to haunt you in saying that "NPO will be just fine"

You're loosing members via Mass Deletion.

Does NPO look fine now? To what I know is that it isn't fine anymore. NPO's Reputation is now tarnished and finally knowing what's best and that's to disband from further embarrassment to their already doomed future. So I was right in the disbandment thing so where's your argument now huh? Oh, you don't have any reason to fight back but to know the truth via the hard way and even realise that NPO now has a tarnished Reputation to P&W. So Disbandment was the final option instead of continuing to stay and be the Punching Bag while loosing Treaties which will then end up paperless just to have a Perma Roll.

Btw, no alliance should have a treaty to another alliance who would cheat and do illegal activity, that kind of embarrasses them as well if they back someone who'd cheated in the first place.

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I believe this thread has run its course, and so I'm locking it.

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